You Have Jesus’ Attention

And now, O Lord, for what do I wait? My hope is in you.

─ Psalm 39:7

The Bible tells the healing story of Blind Bartimaeus, who sat by the side of the highway begging (Mark 10: 46-52). He refused to let those around him keep him from receiving what he knew Jesus could give him. He had heard about Jesus, and he believed He could heal him.

So, when he heard that Jesus was walking past him, he began to call out to Him. He said, “Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me.” The more the crowd told him to be quiet and not bother the Master, the louder Blind Bartimaeus would call out to Jesus. He remained determined to get Jesus’ attention.

He believed deep in his soul that if Jesus heard him, He would answer him. Perhaps he thought this was his only chance to be healed. His desire to be delivered was no match for what others said.

When Jesus heard him, he told the people to bring Bartimaeus to him. His bold (and loud) faith got Jesus’ attention. Suddenly, those who had rebuked him encouraged him to go to Jesus, as He was calling him. Instead of shushing him, they told him Jesus was calling him.

When Jesus asked him what he wanted, Bartimaeus knew the answer – to receive his sight. And immediately, he received his sight. He was changed. He could no longer be called “Blind Bartimaeus,” but became a man bold in faith, who followed Jesus.

Today’s One Thing

You have Jesus’ attention. He is walking with you today. What are you waiting for Him to do for you?



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