Encountering God in Your Brokenness

Christian Bevere on Addressing the Enemy’s Tactics

We all have stories marked by challenges and triumphs. Christian Bevere, in her heartfelt conversation with Family Life Radio about her latest book, “Break Up with What Broke You – How God Redeems and Rewrites Your Story,” invites you into a journey of healing and hope.

Watch the full conversation here and discover how God can redeem and rewrite your story.

Christian opens up about her personal battles, revealing how these experiences shaped her relationship with God. She shares, “These pages are me encountering God’s love in areas of brokenness in my life and hoping that anyone reading finds the same adventure, waiting for them.”

Your most painful moments can become the very places where you encounter God’s profound love and healing.

Many of us carry the weight of shame, often hidden and unspoken. Christian addresses this head-on, recalling, “Some of the most shameful parts of my story are the ways that I dealt with [clinical depression] before I was treated for it.”

She points out how the enemy thrives on our shame, pushing us into isolation and doubt. But it’s in these moments of vulnerability that God’s grace shines brightest.

Christian Bevere

The Challenge of Sharing Our Stories

Sharing our struggles is never easy. Christian acknowledges this, “The enemy likes to throw shame at shame. Like, how dare you mess up? Why would you tell anyone?” Yet, she reminds us that our stories, marred though they may be, are powerful tools in God’s hands. By sharing our journeys, we not only find healing for ourselves but also offer hope to others.

Overcoming Isolation and Lies

Christian emphasizes the enemy’s tactic of isolation, saying, “The key thing [the enemy] likes to do is isolate us to think, well, no one’s been there.” But she counters this lie with the truth of our shared humanity and God’s relentless pursuit of us.

We are not alone in our struggles, and our stories are not disqualifications from God’s love but rather evidence of His redemptive work.

“Our testimonies have the power to overcome,” Christian points out. She encourages us to see our stories as weapons against despair and hopelessness. “We know that we overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony,” she says, inviting us to share the good news of God’s healing power in our lives.

Journeying Together in Healing

Christian’s book is not just her story; it’s a call to all of us to embark on a journey of healing with God. She shares, “There’s some things that God has shown me … that’s for us. And then there’s some things where he was like, ‘This is going to be painful to write about, but there’s so many other women that are going through the same thing.’”

Christian’s conversation is more than an interview; it’s an invitation to each of us to find healing in our own stories. Her book, “Break Up with What Broke You,” is a reminder that we all have a story worth telling, a journey worth sharing.

Christian BevereChristian Bevere

Christian Bevere is passionate about seeing women discover their identity in Christ. A firm believer in God’s redemption story, she shares powerful truth and practical applications through her books, podcast, online platform and teachings.

She is an experienced creative director and content creator with a focus on branding and communication. She is skilled in writing, design, branding, video editing and content strategy.

Wife to Arden Bevere and mother to Azariah Jax Bevere, Christian is on a mission to help others encounter God, silence shame and avoid settling for less than His best. Visit christianbevere.com.

Catch Christian on her podcast Dear Future Husband, or follow Christian on social:   

  • Instagram @mrschristianbevere
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