Finding Common Ground

Uniting the World through Love and Unity with Crowder

David Crowder, contemporary Christian singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and author, finds courage and solace his faith and believes it to be the answer to the division in today’s chaotic world.

Crowder finds similarities between Paul’s letter to the Corinthians and the world you and I are navigating today. His studies sparked reflections of unity, faith and what our role is in the Christian community.

“There was a lot of division [in Corinth] and people were like, ‘I follow this guy, or I follow that guy, you know, politics, and Peter and Paul are like, ‘Well, we follow Jesus.’”

It’s easy to draw parallels between the life of those in the early churches and our lives today. Crowder emphasizes how our focus on Jesus unifies us among so many diverse perspectives. “It was really cool to see, especially being in a place like Christian Music Broadcasters (CMB), where we have so many different artists, and we’re all we’re all telling the same story. We’re all excited about the same salvation.”


Crowder continues, “It’s not the baptism of Matthew West or Toby Mac. It’s actually the baptism of the Spirit and the person of Christ, His death and resurrection that saved us.”

Crowder encourages, “Let’s root for one another in a way that is super freeing.”

Hope is the most relevant and most needed thing we have!

“All this stuff that’s culturally divisive,” Crowder continues, “there’s an answer to it. He encourages us to ‘reframe everything under the banner of love.’”

Jesus accepted, loved and showed compassion to all individuals, regardless of who they were or where they came from.

“Most of it goes back to  that right there, a lack of knowing that you’re seen and loved, and have been made purposefully by a God that you can know.” Crowder concludes, “And that is really helpful to me to think that the church has that as an answer in a moment where the questions are really, really big. That’s pretty exciting.”

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