Finding God in the Little Moments

Cody Carnes on Presence Over Time

Cody Carnes, a renowned worship leader and songwriter, shared some inspiration from his own parenting journey in this conversation with Family Life Radio.

“I often get really stressed about how many minutes I’m spending with my kids. And I’m worried that maybe it’s not enough,” Cody admitted. “But, like my big brother told me – he said, ‘It’s really moments, not minutes.’”

Moments Over Minutes

Your faith journey is enriched by meaningful moments of connection with God. Just as children remember the moments of undivided attention and love from their parents, our souls cherish the moments when we are fully present with God.

In today’s digital age, being fully present is a significant challenge. Cody openly addressed his struggle with distractions, particularly his phone, and the impact it has on his ability to connect deeply with his family. “How can I actually be fully present at this moment?” Carnes asked, highlighting a question many of us face in our daily lives.

This question is not just relevant to parenting but also to our spiritual disciplines. In prayer, worship, or fellowship, the presence of mind and heart can transform these experiences, deepening our connection with God and with others.

Cody Carnes

Cody says he often asks himself, “How can I take this moment just one step further? Where sometimes it’s like waking up one of my boys and [saying] ‘Hey, we’re going on a road trip today; we’re going to spend two days together.’”

Cody relies on the Holy Spirit for assistance. “Just asking the Holy Spirit to help me –especially with my mind … I’m the creative; I’m an entrepreneur; and I’ve got all these ideas.” He leans into the deep trust he has in God’s guidance and support.

Making Intentional Choices for Connection

Carnes’s approach to parenting involves making intentional choices to connect with his children, even when it’s not convenient or easy. “It’s just training my mind to be able to shut the door, turn it off and just be fully present to do things. Sometimes I don’t want to get on the floor and play, but it’s making the choice to do it, [understanding] how much joy that that brings and what a connection that brings,” he says.

Taking intentional actions in building relationships applies equally to all of our relationships, including the one you have with God.

Choosing to set aside time for Him, to engage in spiritual disciplines even when you’re not inclined, brings joy and strengthens your connection with Him.

Cody Carnes

Creating a dedicated space and time for God, free from distractions, allows us to be fully present in our spiritual activities. Setting personal goals for spiritual growth that emphasize deep, meaningful engagement over the quantity of time spent can lead to a richer, more fulfilling faith journey.

Reliance on God in All Aspects of Life

Cody’s reflections on relying on God in parenting and beyond offer a broader lesson on the importance of trusting in God’s strength and guidance in all areas of our lives. Whether facing challenges in parenting, work, or personal growth, inviting God into those situations and depending on His guidance can provide the wisdom and strength we need to navigate them.

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