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Faith Eury Cho Encourages You to Redefine Your Relationship

Have you ever wondered how your understanding of Jesus shapes your experience of Him? In a candid interview with Family Life Radio, Faith Eury Cho shares her personal story and talks about deepening our connection with God, not by avoiding negative emotions, but by embracing them with honesty and openness.

The Barrier of Limited Understanding

Your perception of Jesus can often be clouded by cultural biases or limited theological understanding. Faith responds, “Establishing a correct biblical theology is everything, because what we know of Him will determine what we experience of Him.” Your journey with Jesus is deeply intertwined with your understanding of Him through the Scriptures. It’s not just about knowing Him intellectually but experiencing Him in the fullness of His presence.

Faith says it’s the premise of her newest book, Experiencing Friendship with God – How the Wilderness Draws Us to His Presence. “When you really read it, you realize – wait a second – why is it that the apex of my spiritual journey is my conference experience?”

“Why is it that I have settled for just kind of a second-hand Christian experience when Jesus died for the real thing?”

“I could live like Elijah. I could live like Ezekiel. Not that I want to live the actual life, but I could have those experiences. Why is it that I just study about Moses instead of live like Moses?” she questions. It’s a challenge to move beyond mere admiration of biblical figures to actually stepping into a life that mirrors their deep encounters with God.

Theology in Times of Pain

“And how do we know what our theology is?” Faith asks. “It’s how we react to pain. Pain reveals our true theology of God’s presence, because we could assume that we believe in Psalm 23:1 on Sunday, which is The Lord is my shepherd and I shall not want. But when you see $5 left in your debit account, you’ll be like, ‘Well, I want to I want to live in more than the presence. And it really checks our theology.’”

Your response to life’s challenges reveals the depth of your belief in God’s presence and providence. Do you waver in your faith when faced with difficulties, or do you hold steadfast, trusting in His guidance?

Learning from Peter’s Vision

Referencing Acts 10, Faith brings up Peter’s vision, which was against the grain of his tradition and culture. “[Peter] was practicing the presence of God; he was fasting; he was praying. He saw this vision that made absolutely no sense.” Faith continues, “And it was God calling to do something that is in a way against the grain of his tradition, against the grain of his culture, to eat this unclean animal.”

This moment in Peter’s life was a pivotal faith moment. “We would not have received the Gospel in such a way unless Peter was willing to be open to God in what he did not understand,” Faith explains.

Beyond Cultural and Traditional Worship

Faith continues, “If we feel that we got it all figured out and our way is the way, and if we feel like, I know it all; I read this verse; I know all the answers. That’s a very dangerous place to be because God is infinite.” Faith asks a thought-provoking question: “Could it be that we have become worshipers of our own culture and our own traditions and not actually God himself?”

This is a moment for self-reflection. Are your beliefs and practices more about cultural norms or genuinely about seeking and worshiping God?

“Kingdom significance is determined by God,” Faith states. She reminds you that historical figures who made a lasting impact were those who made space for God’s Word and followed it. It’s a call to prioritize God’s Word and guidance in your life over worldly standards of success and recognition.

Redefining Friendship with God

“What we consider to be experiencing friendship with God needs redefining,” suggests Faith. It’s not always about feeling elated but about being honest and open in His presence, knowing your honesty is welcomed and met with grace and mercy.

Faith shares her personal struggles when her son faced health issues. “There were times when I was angry at God. I was angry, and I was already a pastor, a minister, all of that. And I was just so upset. I remember some of my most intimate memories with the Holy Spirit was when I confronted God with my truth,” she recalls.

Faith encourages you to bring your doubts, pain and anger to God, fostering a deeper connection through vulnerability.

She said, “I couldn’t correct my theology until I was able to be honest, until I was willing to unveil my true thoughts and emotions to the Lord.”

Open Dialogue

When you start talking to God honestly and listen attentively, you open the door to a deeper, more authentic relationship with Him. It’s in this dialogue, whether it’s filled with joy or tears, that you truly experience His presence and guidance.

Faith Eury ChoFaith Eury Cho

A passionate gospel preacher since 19, Faith Eury Cho now excels as an international speaker, pastor, author, and CEO. Her commitment to sharing the gospel’s joy and the Presence of God is evident in her leadership at The Honor Summit, which she founded, and Mosaic Covenant Church, which she co-pastors with her husband. A graduate from Liberty University with a Masters in Divinity, Faith also contributes to Propel Ecclesia and is the author of “Experiencing Friendship with God.” Recognized as one of “20 Rising Leaders” by Outreach Magazine, Faith’s most treasured role is being a mother to her four children.

Visit https://www.faitheurycho.com/ or follow Faith on Instagram @FAITHEURYCHO 

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