Finding Hope in Every Moment

The Story Behind Jordan Feliz’s Anthem of Hope

In an inspiring conversation with Family Life Radio, Jordan Feliz shared the beautiful genesis behind his song “The King is Alive,” a story that begins with the pure faith of a child and unfolds into a sincere reflection on Jesus’s enduring presence.

Imagine the scene: after a day at school, Jordan’s children come home, their minds buzzing with thoughts and questions. It’s in this everyday moment that his son voices a simple yet profound wish: “Daddy, I want to hang out with Jesus today.” Jordan’s response to his children encapsulates the heart of our faith, “Jesus is just as alive today as He was when He actually walked this earth.” This interaction, filled with innocence and wonder, sparked the creation of “The King is Alive,” reminding us that Jesus’s presence is as real now as it ever was.

Retreating to the Cascade Mountains, Jordan, alongside his producer and a close songwriter, felt a rush of divine inspiration. They weren’t just writing a song; they were declaring a truth that would resonate with believers everywhere. “The resurrection is something that actually transforms our faith every single day,” Jordan said. Their excitement was palpable, a shared joy in the revelation:

Jesus’s victory over death is a living reality that shapes our daily lives.

The Resurrection — Our Daily Hope

The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the cornerstone of our faith, a truth that Jordan Feliz beautifully articulates: “[The resurrection] is the source of our hope, our joy, our everything, because it is the soul, the seed of where death was defeated and our sin was paid for.”

Jordan Felix

Paul said, “And if Christ has not been raised, your faith is futile; you are still in your sins,” (1 Corinthians 15:17 NIV). But Christ has been raised, and because of this, we stand forgiven, our lives transformed by the power of His resurrection.

Jesus’s Constant Presence in Our Lives

Jesus is not a figure confined to the pages of Scripture or the archives of history. He is alive, reigning as King, and actively involved in our lives. “He’s always been on the throne. He’s alive and well, you know, and you can count on that,” Jordan affirms.

No matter the season of life you find yourself in today, Jesus is your constant, an ever-present source of strength, hope, and joy.

“The King is Alive” celebrates how Jesus is an active presence in our lives and a call to recognize and rejoice in His resurrection power every day. As Jordan Feliz’s journey from a simple parental moment to a profound spiritual revelation shows, our faith is in a risen King who walks with us, guides us, and loves us with an everlasting love.

Jordan Feliz

Practical Tips to Live in the Reality of Jesus’s Resurrection

As you go about your day, let the truth that “The King is Alive” shape your perspective, your actions, and your faith. Remember, in every moment, Jesus is with you, offering hope, peace, and joy that the world cannot give.

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