Dennis Hutchinson

About Dennis Hutchinson

I’m married to Joy and am stepdad to two grown kids, Kelly and Ben. We have two grandsons, Cole and Jackson, and an Australian shepherd/lab mix named Lucy.

Favorite things to do
I have a passion to lead worship and help people connect with God and find their passion for living.

Something on my “bucket list” 
I want to vacation in Dyersville, Iowa – where the movie “Field of Dreams” was filmed.

Why I love working in Christian radio 
I’m passionate about pursuing a life that pleases Christ. To know Him, and make Him known, and Christian radio lets me encourage others who are on the same journey.

Which of the five areas of Intentional Living are you most passionate and why?
The easy answer is faith, because it impacts all of the other areas. Right now in my life, though, it’s being lived out through my relationships. Loving my wife as Christ wants me to, leading my kids & grandkids and helping my church family find their passion.