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Shannyn Caldwell

About Shannyn

Family – Shannyn Caldwell is the proud mom of two grown children (who are both teachers!), a giant dog, a sassy cat!

She has produced the Healing Season series of books and video series and has a passion for people to live healthy lives physically and spiritually.

Favorite things to do
 – Not to sound to romance novel-ish, but I really DO like long walks in the woods and quiet time at home reading (or writing) a good book. When stressed, you’ll find in the garden (growing something organic) or kitchen (baking something gluten free)

Something on my “bucket list”
 – Being “Dr. Shannyn Caldwell”. I’m studying to be a Naturopathic Doctor with a PhD in Naturopathic Medicine.

Why I love working in Christian radio
– The death and resurrection of Jesus is the most important thing that has happened in the history of man-kind. Talking about it is the most important thing I can do with my life. So, to have the chance to share Him daily with thousands of people….well, that’s what gets me out of bed each day.

Favorite Christian artist
 – I’m in love with worship music like the stuff Hillsong is doing but my favorite Christian band is the worship team at my home church!