From Panic to Peace

Jordan Feliz’s Lessons on Trusting God

Balancing the demands of a career, personal aspirations, and spiritual growth can feel like navigating a ship through stormy seas. Jordan Feliz, a Dove Award-winning artist, shared his journey through these turbulent waters in an interview that sheds light on finding balance and peace amidst life’s unpredictability.

Jordan’s recount of his health scare in 2020 is a stark reminder of our vulnerability and the illusion of control we often cling to. Facing a severe reaction to a steroid shot, he experienced what he described as a life-altering panic attack, one that made him think he was dying.

This moment of profound fear and uncertainty became a turning point. “If I’m trying to operate in my own strength, ever, it’s me trying to get up in the cockpit, man,” Jordan reflected.

Surrendering to God’s will involves recognizing that we are not the masters of our destiny. It’s about trusting that, even in the chaos, God has a plan for us. Jordan’s journey teaches us that letting go and letting God take control is not a sign of weakness but of ultimate trust in His sovereignty.

The Role of Therapy and Community

In his search for balance and healing, Jordan highlighted the critical role of therapy and community. “I got shoved into a psychotherapist, which saved my life, honestly,” he shared, a witness to the power of seeking help. This step towards healing is a practical application of Galatians 6:2, “Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.”

Jordan’s experience points to the importance of not walking alone through our struggles. Whether it’s professional counseling, pastoral care, or support groups, engaging with a community that understands and uplifts can be transformative.

God often works through others to bring healing and clarity to our lives.

Realigning Priorities with God at the Center

One of the most profound lessons from Jordan’s story is the realignment of life’s priorities, putting God at the helm. “The number one thing is to always put God in the forefront of what you’re doing,” he advises. This principle is foundational, yet so easily forgotten in the hustle to meet the world’s expectations.

Jordan’s struggle to balance being a dad, a husband, and an artist under the weight of being a provider reveals a common dilemma: the temptation to place our roles and responsibilities above our relationship with God. However, Matthew 6:33 offers clear guidance: “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well” (NIV).  By prioritizing our spiritual health and our relationship with God, we find the strength and wisdom to navigate the other areas of our lives more effectively.

The Daily Practice of Faith

Jordan likened maintaining faith to daily exercise for physical health. “It’s a practice. And the moment you get out of practice, it’s so easy to just fall right back into … let’s go get tacos and, you know, eat them every day,” he said with a light-hearted laugh. This daily choice to choose Jesus, to place Him at the top of our priorities, is akin to the discipline of physical training mentioned in 1 Timothy 4:8, “For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come.”

Jordan Feliz

Your faith journey is much like working out; it requires consistent, daily effort. Prayer, Scripture reading, and fellowship are not just checkboxes on a spiritual to-do list but vital practices that keep us connected to God and grounded in our faith.

Reflection Prompts for Personal Growth

To further personalize the insights from Jordan Feliz’s story, consider reflecting on the following questions:

  1. What areas of my life have I been trying to control, instead of trusting God?
  2. How can I incorporate daily practices of faith, like prayer and scripture reading, into my routine in a way that feels meaningful and sustainable?
  3. In what ways might I seek help or support from others to navigate challenges in my faith journey?
  4. How does my current priority list reflect (or not reflect) God being at the center of my life?
  5. What practical step can I take this week to surrender an area of struggle or uncertainty to God?

Jordan Feliz’s journey through fear, illness, and the search for balance offers valuable lessons for all of us navigating the complexities of life and faith. His story is a powerful reminder that surrendering to God, seeking help through therapy and community, realigning our priorities with God at the center, and practicing our faith daily are not just steps towards personal peace but towards fulfilling God’s intentions for our lives.

As you reflect on Jordan’s story and the biblical truths that underscore his experiences, consider the areas of your life that may need realignment. Are you trying to control the uncontrollable, or are you willing to trust God’s plan for your life? Remember, it’s a daily choice to put God first, to trust in His sovereignty, and to lean on the community He’s placed around you.

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