From the Ashes

Building a New Identity on the Foundation of Love

We often allow our past to shape our view of ourselves and God. Laney Rene, a worship artist, founder of The One He Loves ministry, and author of Daughter: Becoming Who You Already Are, shares her journey of discovering her true identity through the lens of God’s unconditional love and the freedom found in forgiveness.

Laney says, “I grew up with an incredible dad. But I still needed my Heavenly Father,” Laney reflects. We all desire love that complements and transcends our earthly experiences.

Contrasting her story, Laney shares about a dear friend whose life was anything but easy, marked by a father’s absence due to addiction and abandonment. Yet, her friend’s resilience and transformation are nothing short of miraculous. “You literally walked through fire, but you were not touched,” Laney marvels at her friend’s journey.

For those who’ve felt the sting of abandonment or absence, Laney’s conversation brings a message of hope. Her friend’s story illustrates how a lack of earthly paternal love can lead to a richer, more profound understanding of God’s love. “She has known the Father’s love for her,” Laney says.

Our heavenly relationship with God the Father can heal and complete us in ways we never imagined.

Forgiveness and Freedom

Perhaps one of the most striking moments in Laney’s interview is her revelation about forgiveness. Forgiving those who have wronged us, she finds, can lead to profound spiritual and emotional freedom. “I forgive you,” she recounts telling someone in her mind, highlighting the power of releasing bitterness and blessing those who’ve hurt us. Forgiveness is a step towards healing and a leap towards embracing your true identity in Christ.

Laney Rene

Laney continues, “When we know Jesus, we know His love,” pointing to the transformative power of a relationship with Christ in making any relationship whole. This healing mends broken bonds with others, but it also extends to how we view ourselves and our worth.

Practical Steps Towards Embracing Your Identity

So, how do you begin to embrace your true identity and experience this transformative love and forgiveness?

  1. Seek a deeper connection with God through prayer, Scripture, and community.
  2. Reflect on your own story.
  3. Consider how God’s love has been present, even in the most challenging times.
  4. Let this recognition fuel your journey towards understanding and accepting your identity as a beloved child of God.

Laney Rene

Regardless of our past, we are all capable of experiencing and being transformed by Gods’ love and forgiveness. Remember, no matter your past or current struggles, the path to discovering your true identity is paved with the love and grace of God. Walk it boldly, knowing you are never alone.

For more about Laney’s journey of identity, love, and forgiveness, check out Laney’s book, “Daughter, Become Who You Already Are.”

Laney Rene

Laney is a wife, mom, and founder of The One He Loves, a ministry which exists so every woman can be refreshed, encouraged, and reminded of Jesus’ loving-kindness toward them. Laney is known for sharing the goodness of Jesus in a way that is not just inviting but also captivating. After walking through a painful season and into a redemption story only Jesus could come up with, Laney couldn’t keep the good news to herself. Today, as a worship artist, author, and speaker, Laney continues to find creative ways to share the heart of Jesus with everyone she can! Her book, “Daughter: Becoming Who You Already Are” is now available. laneyrene.com

Find out more about Laney on Instagram @heylaneyrene. For inquiries, please email info@laneyrene.com

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