Make sure this voice of hope is there for you – just like it was for Billy

Have you turned on Family Life Radio and heard something you needed to hear right at that moment? Just like God was speaking to you?


It’s incredible how often God does that. He knows exactly what you need to hear, and God uses hope-filled music and messages to encourage you… just like He did for Billy.

Billy’s frustration at work began spilling out onto his family, threatening his marriage. Then he started listening to Family Life Radio. Now he says:

“I can be completely stressed out from work, or life in general, and I jump in the work truck and say, ‘God, I need some peace and wisdom. Let me know You’re here.’ Then I turn on the radio and there are songs back to back that show me He’s there.”

Now, Billy’s walking with Jesus from job site to job site… and bringing Him home every night too!

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