What is Monthly Partnership?

At Family Life Radio, we believe that the most important benefit of being a Family of Hope Monthly Partner can be summed up in two words: Changed Lives. Your ongoing, monthly gift of support is a lifeline to families and individuals who are longing to experience the real hope found in Jesus Christ.

There is no minimum amount to qualify as a Monthly Partner, but many people choose to give a Dollar-A-Day ($30 per month) to help with the ongoing operation your station. We hope that you’ll consider joining us at that level.

We thank you for making a difference for so many with your gift today. Your ongoing, monthly gift of support helps others experience real hope in their lives.

Become a Monthly Partner

If you’d prefer to make a donation by phone, call us at 1 800-776-1060 during regular west coast business hours.  You can also mail your gifts to: Family Life Radio, P.O. Box 35300, Tucson, AZ 85740-5300.