Find your One Thing – and see lasting change in your life!

It’s time to stop living in discouragement, fear and anxiety.

God wants you to live a life of purpose and the freedom found in His Word. And here’s the best part…

It only takes One Thing each day to bring lasting change to your life!

Do you feel called to:

  • Pray more?
  • Live a healthier life?
  • Write that book that’s been on your heart?
  • Share God’s love with others?
  • Find more joy in your every day?

Whatever goal God has for you, we want to help you experience the fullness of His unique plan with the brand-new 30-day devotional book, One Thing Makes the Difference!

This special devotional book encourages you through daily doses of Scripture and motivates you with biblical truth to achieve your One Thing that glorifies God.

Start this new year with God at the center. Request your devotional book below when you give your best gift to help others experience life-changing hope.

And thank you for joining in the hope and promise of 2020!


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