God’s Special Someone

God's Special Someone

We all desire to be a valentine – someone’s special someone.

February, the historic month special sentiments are shared goes as far back as the Middle Ages, though written Valentine’s didn’t begin to appear until after 1400. The “month of expressed love” is here to stay.

The season can be personally exhilarating or excruciating; filled with unconditional love or empty and hurting. It doesn’t have to be the latter.

God sent a love letter to you, His beloved. Yes, beloved. The Bible is the ultimate Valentine to all of mankind. His words to you are written with affirmation, approval, instruction, guidance, redemption, grace, sacrifice, desire, hope and are incredibly personal.

You can spend hours roaming through a Hallmark store, reading beautiful sentiments of love, and nothing you find there can ever compare to His love letter.

People spend a lifetime searching for unconditional, sacrificial love. Exhausting themselves in the quest for long-lasting euphoria, only to realize it doesn’t exist among humanity.

You can only find this kind of love in one place, and it is free. No need to turn the card over and check the price. The ultimate price was paid, His son’s life. God the Father gave His only son, Jesus Christ, to express His love for all (John 3:16). His love is so great that He provided a way that will never separate you from Him. It is called everlasting love. He is your ultimate Valentine.

  • God’s Valentine to you (The Holy Bible), is available throughout the year. Like receiving a handwritten card in your mailbox daily.
  • He hand delivers it to us, never forcing it to be read.
  • His words are trustworthy, when He makes a promise, He keeps it.
  • The love letter is perfectly timed, each time, every time.
  • He doesn’t reject, shame or disregard His beloved. He only invites you to open His letter of endearment.
  • It is available now and always.

This ultimate Valentine, heals the deepest hurts, calms the anxious heart and encourages the weary soul. Often it is left unopened, a treasure undiscovered, unwanted or bypassed in the rush of life.

The world has the opportunity to accept God’s love letter, unless they mark it “return to sender.” If rejected, they will continue to search for something that will never be found, Gods unconditional, eternal, forever Love.

You are that special someone – God’s Valentine.