Having a great father helps Josh Baldwin understand the Heavenly Father

The inspiration of compassion and empathy behind the song, Relate

As Christians, we all have a beginning – that time in our lives when we invited Jesus into our lives. 

Josh Baldwin considers Jesus part of his family from the very beginning. “I was born on a Sunday, in church to a Christian family. My dad is a pastor, and he also travels to speak. He’s written and served as our worship leader too.”

The church his father pastored when Josh was a child was a small congregation in a town in North Carolina with about 14,000 people living in the county. His father also led worship. The church grew to around a thousand, which Josh says became “the big church in the county.”

Josh has no memories of life without church and the Lord. “I came to Jesus through my family –really my parents. And that’s how I got into music too, playing drums with my dad.” 

At 12-years-old, he officially began playing the drums after the drummer for their worship team moved away. “I was next in line; I was the next best,” Josh shared. “Which means our church didn’t have a long list of great musicians, but I was it.”

The music bug hit Josh, and he immediately wanted to be part of music. 

As the son of a preacher, Josh didn’t resemble the stereotype of a preacher’s kid. He admits, “I was a pretty good kid.” He kind of threw his sister under the bus a bit and said, “My sister  tested the waters a little bit more and pushed the boundaries more than I did.”

Josh attributes that to a healthy fear of his father and the Lord. Even as a child he seemed to know the direction he wanted to go. He adds, “I just didn’t want to disappoint!”

Josh says he and his father were close, and they’re still close today. When making a decision or weighing an action to take, he’d ask himself, “What would my dad think if I did this?”

His experience of having a great father has given him a healthy view of who the Lord is. “The Lord is watching me right now. I knew I was definitely going to be disciplined if I were to step out, but it was more about how much I love my dad. I don’t want to hurt him. I want to please Him.”

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