The opening lines of this powerful song by Toby Mac that ring true to me is the truth repeated throughout: “Help is on the way.” As the lyricist eloquently sings in his new song, Toby Mac reminds us that no matter what we face, we can keep holding onto the promises of God.

The reality is, this season has been one of the toughest for so many people who we call friends and family. I can imagine it is the same for you. The stories this past year of pain, hurt and loss of life have filled our Facetimes, zooms and socials. I have found myself needing to stop tuning into the things in my life that don’t provide me truth filled messages like the one in the music video you hopefully just watched above. The message of Christ is one that proves He won’t fail us. We have faced all the things of the past, present and even the unknown of the future with a foundation in Jesus. That He will stand by what He claims. He will stand by His promises.

So today, whatever it is you may be facing, know that the heart of God is for us to live our lives to the fullest. To not be stuck in fear, but to walk in courage, knowing God’s timing is right and even though the night may be longer than we want or feel we can handle, sunrise is coming and with God’s help, you can do it.

Remember these powerful lyrics from Toby Mac:

Sometimes it’s days
Sometimes it’s years
Some face a lifetime of falling tears
But He’s in the darkness
He’s in the cold
Just like the morning, He always shows

The Word of God shows He loves to fulfill his promises on our behalf. Remind yourself of these truths as often as you need:

  • His promises will come true.
  • God has not failed us, or you.
  • Help is on the way!

Story behind the song

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