How Cody Carnes Blends Worship and Creativity

Deepen Your Connection with God

Cody Carnes, known for his significant impact on the Christian music scene as an artist, worship leader and songwriter with his passionate expressions of worship and devotion to God, talked with Family Life Radio and shared insights into his musical journey, emphasizing the personal connection and stories behind his songs.

Cody, when asked about which of his songs to listen to first, is a bit reluctant to choose just one. “It’s hard. I feel like choosing your favorite song. That is like choosing your favorite child.” Eventually he admits it would probably be “Nothing Else,” a track that marks a pivotal moment in his life—a heartfelt turning point towards repentance and a deeper relationship with Jesus.

“This was really such a marker in my life, when I kind of did an about face in a lot of ways in my life. And it’s a song of repentance,” Cody continues. “I was literally writing from  what I was experiencing with Jesus in that moment.”

Vulnerability in Worship

“I’m weeping at the piano and, like resetting my heart on Jesus.”

Worship is an invitation to come before God with our entire being – brokenness, tears, and all.

Our vulnerability can be a gateway to a deeper relationship with God.

The Bible says, “The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit; a broken and contrite heart, O God, you will not despise” (Psalm 51:17 ESV). When you lay your heart bare before God, you’re embracing your humanity while acknowledging God’s sovereignty and love in your healing and restoration.

Cody Carnes

The Power of Music in Spiritual Warfare

Reflecting on his creation of “Firm Foundation,” Cody reveals, “I wrote it basically to sing my way out of anxiety and on the verge of having a panic attack. … and it was crazy how much it changed the atmosphere of my heart, my mind, especially how it kind of flipped everything on its head, just singing that song, declaring it and writing it.”

When you’re battling anxiety and fear, and on the verge of succumbing to despair, let worship be your battle cry. Just as David played the harp to soothe Saul’s troubled spirit (1 Samuel 16:23), your worship can shift the atmosphere, bringing peace and clarity to your soul.

Some of Cody’s songs for spiritual warfare:

  • “Run To The Father” – A heartfelt cry for healing and comfort, this song invites listeners to run to the Father in times of need, making it a powerful anthem for spiritual warfare where our refuge is found in God.
  • “Christ Be Magnified” – An anthem that encourages believers to magnify Christ in every situation, this song can empower listeners to focus on God’s greatness and sovereignty during spiritual warfare.
  • “The Cross Has the Final Word” – A powerful declaration of victory through Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross. This song is a strong reminder that no matter what we face, including spiritual warfare, the power of the cross prevails.
  • “Heaven Fall” – This song is a prayer for God’s presence to fill every space, transforming lives and situations. It’s about inviting God’s kingdom down to earth, which is essential in the context of spiritual warfare.
  • “Til The End of Time” (featuring Kari Jobe) – A song about enduring faith and commitment to worshiping God through all seasons of life. Its message can bolster the spirit of listeners, encouraging steadfastness in spiritual warfare.

Collaboration and Community

“I love writing with friends. I think the best art comes from that,” Cody says.

In the walk of faith, companionship is not just about shared beliefs but about mutual support, encouragement and growth.

Cody shares, “Sometimes you sit down with friends, you don’t have any ideas to start, but basically every writing session usually starts with an hour long conversation over coffee or something. And you’re just you’re all friends and you’re hanging out and you’re basically just talking about what’s going on in life. What’s God doing, or what are you kind of trudging through the mud in and what’s going on? And a lot of times songs come out of those conversations; something was sparked.”

Daily Communion with God

Cody attributes his grounding in faith to starting his day in the presence of God: “If I have a really good day, it’s because I started the day by myself in the presence of God with the Bible open and daily devotions.”

Cody Carnes

Just as Jesus sought solitude to commune with the Father (Mark 1:35), you, too, are called to seek these moments of quietude with God. They serve as the bedrock for your day, offering perspective, strength and grace to navigate life’s challenges.

Following the Holy Spirit in Creativity and Life

Living a life led by the Holy Spirit is a journey of trust, surrender and divine inspiration. Cody embodies this in his approach to songwriting, “It’s all really just following the Holy Spirit. I really try to write songs out of encounters with God.”

The apostle Paul reminds us, “For those who are led by the Spirit of God are the children of God” (Romans 8:14 NKJV). As you navigate your faith journey, let the Holy Spirit be your compass, leading you to express your faith in unique and impactful ways.

Personal Worship and What Works for You

Cody’s personal worship practices range from “sitting at the piano and just singing” to “taking walks in my backyard and talk to God.”

Cody Carnes

Personal worship is a personal endeavor that resonates with your soul. Whether it’s through music, nature, art or silence, find what draws you closer to God.

Worship is an expression of your love and devotion to your Heavenly Father, unique to your relationship with Him.

Explore various forms of worship and integrate them into your daily life, fostering a deeper, more intimate relationship with God.

As you journey through your faith, remember:

  • Embrace vulnerability in your worship, allowing your brokenness to be the place where God’s light enters.
  • Let music be your weapon in spiritual warfare, a source of comfort and strength in the face of anxiety.
  • Cherish the community and collaboration, for it is together that we build a stronger, more vibrant faith.
  • Ground yourself in daily communion with God, making it the cornerstone of your life.
  • Be led by the Holy Spirit, allowing Him to guide your creativity and decisions.
  • Cultivate personal worship practices that bring you closer to God, for it is in these moments that you’ll find the deepest connection and understanding.

May you find solace, inspiration, and guidance in your walk with God today.

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