Idea Hunting with Blessing Offor

The Importance of Being in the Right Room

A Nigerian-born, Connecticut-raised and Nashville-based singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist, Blessing offor’s life is a melody of struggle, triumph and unwavering faith. He joined Family Life Radio for a conversation about his creative process.

Blessing shares, “My most consistent discipline or process is just to keep listening to other people’s music.” He is dedicated to constantly learning, and says, “I have a text window with myself on my phone. Anytime I hear a direction that a lyric didn’t go, I make a note of it. It’s a daily practice so that when I get into a session, there’s never a reason not to have a song. … because I’ve been keeping this note to myself for, like, the last five years.”

Like Blessing, you can embrace continuous learning in your faith. Consider keeping a spiritual journal, akin to Blessing’s text window, where you jot down insights, questions or revelations that come to you through scripture, sermons or everyday life. This deepens your understanding of God’s character and keeps your heart and mind open to God’s voice.

The Art of “Idea Hunting”

Blessing’s creative process is a relentless pursuit of inspiration. “I call it idea hunting. I’m just always trying to catch that next that next little thought that makes something happen.”

You can apply this to your spiritual life. Remember, the Holy Spirit often speaks in subtle ways. Be on the lookout for God’s whispers in the mundane – a verse that speaks to you, a moment of prayer that stirs your heart or a conversation that brings clarity.

The Right Room

Collaboration in music, for Blessing, is about always being in the right room. “I think, in order to be a good collaborator, you have to be okay that the result won’t be about you. It’s something you could have done by yourself – like when I’m in a writing room, if I don’t want to be in that right in room, I will go write a song by myself. But if I’m in the right room, it’s because I know that that other person has ingredients that I need.”

In your community of faith, it’s about coming together, each person contributing their unique gifts and insights.

Blessing wisely notes, “I have to leave room for that other person to throw in their own ideas and thoughts.”

In your church or small group, value the diversity of thought and experience. As 1 Corinthians 12:12-14 teaches, the body of Christ is made up of many parts, each essential to the whole.

Responding with Faith and Resilience

Blessing’s journey wasn’t without its valleys. Losing his sight could have been a point of despair, but instead, it became a catalyst for his faith and music.

Your challenges, too, can be transformative. When faced with trials, lean into your faith and the community God has placed around you. They are your support, your sounding board, and your reminder of God’s unending grace.

Blessing’s approach to music – continuous learning, idea hunting and collaborative creation – offers encouragement and inspiration for you as a Christ follower. As you navigate your path, remember to keep your heart and ears open to God’s teachings, seek His wisdom in the everyday, value the community He has given you and face challenges with faith and resilience.

Now, it’s your turn. How have you embraced continuous learning in your faith? Have you experienced the joy of “idea hunting” in your spiritual journey? Share your stories and insights, and let’s encourage each other as we walk this path of faith together.

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