Jenny and Dave Marrs on Making Life Choices

How does faith fit into everything you do?

Have you ever witnessed a story where professional success and spiritual journey intertwine beautifully? This is precisely the story of Jenny and Dave Marrs, the charismatic duo behind a heartwarming home renovation show. In an engaging interview with Family Life Radio featuring Jenny’s new book, they shared their unique journey of how faith can be the bedrock of all your endeavors.

When the opportunity to host a TV show first presented itself, Jenny and Dave didn’t think it was for them. “We were very apprehensive about it, said no at first, just for a lot of reasons,” Jenny recalled. It wasn’t an easy decision, but they leaned on their faith for guidance. “We just prayed about it a lot,” she revealed, emphasizing the role of prayer in their decision-making process.

Navigating Challenges with Faith

The show, set in their charming town, became more than a platform to showcase renovation skills; it transformed into a conduit for sharing their light and values. “Everything we do, the show, the blueberry farm, all of that, we feel like we just have asked God to lead us every step,” Jenny explained.

Despite the rewarding nature of their work, the path they embarked on was filled with challenges. Renovating 16 houses in about eight months while managing a rigorous filming schedule was a Herculean task. Jenny didn’t shy away from admitting the difficulties: “It’s busy and hard.” However, in these challenges, they saw the hand of God at work, guiding and using their efforts in ways they hadn’t foreseen.

Unexpected Impact and Influence

What sets Jenny and Dave apart is how their initial vision for the show evolved into something far more impactful. They initially thought the show would serve as a platform for their nonprofit initiatives and their farm in Zimbabwe. Yet, they quickly realized that their plans were just a small part of a larger divine design. “God doesn’t use our plans,” Jenny remarked, reflecting on the unexpected ways their work started influencing others.

Jenny Marrs

Families and individuals, many without a declared faith, were drawn to the show, sensing an inexplicable light and warmth. Jenny shared, “People that don’t have faith say that to us, and they don’t understand what it is, but they want to know more.” The show became a source of joy and comfort to viewers with challenging life stories, transforming it into an unexpected ministry.

The Reality of Filming: Beyond the Glamour

Dave shed light on the less glamorous, more demanding aspects of filming a TV show. “It’s 12-hour days every day,” he said, describing the grueling schedule and the physical and emotional toll it takes. Despite the challenges, they remained steadfast in their mission.

“Remember your why?” became a constant reminder for the couple, a mantra that helped them navigate the toughest days. Their “why” rose above the physical act of renovating houses; it was about sharing a message of hope and resilience.

A Beacon of Light and Hope

Jenny and Dave Marrs is more than a tale of professional success; it’s a vivid example of living a life where faith and work harmoniously coexist, creating a legacy that is not only about buildings but about touching and transforming lives. Their story is a powerful reminder that when you let faith guide you, the journey can be as remarkable as the destination.

Read an excerpt from Jenny’s new book, House + Love = Home here.

Jenny MarrsJenny Marrs is a vibrant soul, a designer, author and a heartfelt advocate for community transformation and orphan care worldwide. Alongside her husband Dave, she breathes new life into historic homes in Northwest Arkansas on their HGTV show, “Fixer to Fabulous.” At home, Jenny’s life is a beautiful tapestry of family love with five children and a bustling farm life. Her heart extends beyond her doorstep, leading to the creation of The Berry Farm. This project not only delights local families with berry-picking and events but also supports vital initiatives in Zimbabwe, turning local actions into global impacts. Jenny’s journey is a testament to living a life filled with purpose, creativity, and compassion.

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