Jordan St. Cyr’s Spark Before the Fire

How God gave him the song he and his family would need

When Jordan St. Cyr, Christian singer, songwriter and storyteller, wrote “Fires” about Nathan, a dad who was about to lose his house – until a group of Christian songwriters took the need to social media and fundraised to pay his mortgage off, he had no idea that he and his wife would desperately need the very words he penned.

You’ve walked me through fires

Pulled me from flames

If You’re in this with me

I won’t be afraid

“God gives us the testimony of others to strengthen us to walk through our testimony,” Jordan said, referring to the health struggles he and his family encountered after his youngest daughter was born with a rare vascular disorder called Sturge-Weber syndrome that began causing her to have severe seizures as a toddler.

“A lot of ambulance rides, a lot of emergency room visits,” Jordan recounts. “She’s at high risk of stroke. She takes three or four meds, and we’ve [had to] learn a new normal.”

Jordan says he’s like any other parent in this situation. He has those weak-kneed, weepy-eyed, shaken faith moments where he asked why this had to happen to them? Here he is, a worship leader-turned-Christian artist, proclaiming God’s Good News and mercy to millions of people, only to find himself wrestling behind the scenes with questions to which he has no answer.

It would be easy to abandon your faith when thrown into a crisis of this nature. If ever a furnace was prepared to melt away your conviction, this would be it. Yet, Jordan finds – 

He is being refined as opposed to incinerated.

 “[My] understanding of what a blessing is and where it comes from … it’s just blown me away,” Jordan says. “How can something that I used to think was broken draw me so close to the heart of God?”

And those words that Jordan thought he wrote for someone in an entirely different situation turned out to be the very words he and his family would need as they navigated the unknown with this fragile, little girl. Even as the flames lapped at them, God showed up.

 “I still believe that God desires healing for this little girl. But what he’s doing through her already? We’re good with that. We wouldn’t change a thing. It’s a hard road, but it’s the better road.”

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