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Life-Changing Intentional Love Conferences

Nearly 2,000 people in three cities across two states gathered in July for the Intentional Love Marriage Conferences. Some couples attended hoping for a fun night out. Others were looking for help in relational problem areas. All invested in their marriages by learning how uniquely each is wired and key communication strategies to address those individualities.

Best-selling author, syndicated radio host and marriage and family counselor, Dr. Randy Carlson, spoke to sold-out crowds in Mesa, AZ; Glendale, AZ; and Rives Junction, MI, about the power of intentional love. An exploration of unrealistic expectations many had before marriage brought many chuckles and some knowing groans from the audience. Humorous finger pointing and laughter were balanced by moments of deep connection and communication. “It was a great conference,” said one attendee. “We enjoyed the information and the laughs.”

By the end of each conference, couples had identified one intentional action they could take every day for the next 30 days that would make the greatest difference in their relationships.

Fans of Family Life Radio in Mesa and Glendale also enjoyed a special appearance by afternoon show hosts Johnny and Stacey Stone. Stacey shared her “wife resume”—identifying key areas in which wives can build up their husbands. Johnny offered tips on “maniquette”—man etiquette—to help men understand and live in harmony with their wives.

Couples, both those newly married and those who said their vows more than three decades ago, gained new insights into their relationships and began to build love habits to last a lifetime.