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Love & The Outcome – A Canadian Couple Obeying Christ

What was the most recent thing you celebrated with your spouse? Well, being able to celebrate with her husband, Chris Rademaker, when they were nominated for New Artist of the Year for the GMA Dove Awards 2014 was the best part of being nominated, according to Jodi King from Love & the Outcome. The Canadian couple didn’t know that their obedience would lead to awards; just believing that He had a plan was enough for them. But it does represent the culmination of obeying God when He told them to sell everything they owned, including their home, and live in their Jetta for a couple of years.

See, Jodi and Chris met when he was in another band called The Attics and she thought he was really cute. Fast forward, Chris’ band breaks up and they suddenly know that as a couple they are to go out and make Christ known. Not only did they “hit the road” leaving their home country, the two traveled to the Philippines, Liberia and China while landing securely in the United States and coming on a tour near you very soon.

When asked which song on their self-titled album reflects their belief in Christ, Jodi believes that is “Heart Like You”. With all of the changes that they have experienced over the past few years, she says that their main goal was to “stay in love with God”. And they continued to pour into their marriage as they faced a terrible loss. Chris’ mom passed away after a heart-wrenching battle with cancer and the couple had to sit down and decide if they would continue with their musical career in the same way.

They are the first ones to admit that you cannot continue to live the same way after losing someone you love and that it does influence how they live their lives now. And Chris knows that his mom would be smiling with the recent accolades they have received, including winning the GMA Canada Covenant Award for New Artist of the Year 2014. Now we have to wait until October to see if they take home the United States version of that award!

Side note: You can hear their songs “He Is With Us” and “King of my Heart” on Family Life Radio!