Pray and Protect – Because Prayer Changes Everything

Unite in Prayer for Safer Schools and Stronger Communities

Welcome to Pray and Protect 2023, an impactful back-to-school prayer covering initiative that aims to empower teachers, inspire students and create a sense of unity in our communities. In a world filled with unsettling news and challenges, prayer becomes a powerful way for us to make a difference.

Together, we can proactively address the issues our students, teachers and support staff face and offer hope for a brighter future. Will you join us in prayer for protection over our schools, teachers, administrators, children and our families?

Why Pray and Protect?

When you first heard about one of the many devastating school shootings that involved innocent elementary children, it was news that deeply affected you. So many of us even have an aversion to that kind of bad news that can make you want to avoid news outlets, but this tragedy probably left you asking how you could truly make a difference. The answer resounding in your hearts is, “I can really do nothing other than to pray.”

Hidden in those two words – TO PRAY – is something profound.

Together, you can make a powerful impact by turning to the One Defender and Protector of these innocent children – our Heavenly Father. Let us embark on this journey to pray, to intercede and to stand against the horrific plans of our enemy. By relying on God’s strength, you can contribute to safeguarding our schools and creating a shield of protection around the children in your community.

Our schools play a crucial role in shaping young minds and building the foundation for a thriving society. Let’s all come together in prayer to support our schools. Through the power of prayer, we can create an atmosphere of safety, well-being and positive transformation.

How Can You Make a Difference?

Family Life Radio and Moms in Prayer International have partnered to bring you valuable content, resources and community contacts to help you make a powerful impact in your community by uniting with others in prayer. Gain insights from experienced prayer warriors who can guide you in praying specifically for your local school and its unique needs. Connect with a group or start a group here: New to Moms in Prayer with Moms In Prayer International.



Join Us On-Air and Become a Beacon of Hope

Call 888-888-9976.

We invite you to call in and leave a heartfelt prayer for your school on our dedicated comment line. By voicemail, you can share your prayers, uplifting messages and blessings, which can be broadcasted on-air with your FLR family, touching the lives of listeners. Let your voice be a beacon of hope as we pray together for the safety, well-being, and success of our teachers and students.

Share your story at myflr.org/story.

You can also share your story of what you and others in your community are doing to support back-to-school prayer. Visit myflr.org/story and tell us in your own words by uploading an audio file or writing your story.

Tell us:

  • Your story of how the event started. Who initiated it or inspired it?
  • Stories of answered prayer.
  • How the prayer walk impacted the community.
  • Stories of involvement of local churches, organizations and families.
  • Individual prayer experiences.
  • And community engagement.

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Together, We Can Make a Difference


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