National Mutt Day

An observation from Peter on this National Mutt Day:


Our black Labrador, Athena the Wonder Dog, loves to go with us. It doesn’t matter where. As soon as she sees me heading for the back door she’s right there. The back yard could mean playing fetch with the Frisbee.  The garage holds the car and the promise of a road trip, perhaps with the window down so she can feel the wind in her face. The destination doesn’t matter to our dog. For her the joy is truly in the journey. She trusts us completely, knowing that no matter where we’re going we will take care of her. And best of all, she will be able to be with us. If we want to have joy in our daily journey as a Christ follower, we can take a tip from Athena. Have confidence that our Lord loves us and no matter where He leads us, He has a purpose in it and for our good as well as his glory. And most of all, just enjoy being with Him.