Nurturing Faith Across the Miles

Prayer as Our Lifeline with Apollo LTD

In the ebb and flow of modern life, one thread remains constant for those walking with Christ: the call to prayer. It’s a theme echoed in the lives of Jordan Phillips and Adam Stark of Apollo LTD, who’ve woven prayer into the fabric of their family life in ways that can inspire all of us.

In a conversation with Family Life Radio, their stories reveal a tapestry of faith practices that bridge physical distance and cultivate a heritage of belief that thrives in the simplicity of heartfelt conversation with God.

Jordan reflects on the challenge of being away from his family due to his career demands but finds solace in prayer. “Unfortunately, part of our job is to be away from our homes and be away from our families. And we have found that prayer is that thing that connects our house, whether it’s facetime with my daughter … before she goes to bed, or if it’s when I am home. We’re really intentional about spending time as a family and prayer.”

His words are a soothing balm for many who find themselves physically separated from loved ones. The very act of praying together, albeit via screens, collapses the miles between them, revealing that our bonds in Christ are not hindered by space.

Apollo LTD

Adam shares the joyous task of teaching his young boys to pray, celebrating their innocent and spontaneous prayers. “We’re teaching them the habit of prayer right now, which is before meals, asking, who wants to pray?”

In the Stark household, prayer is not just an act of reverence but a daily habit, as natural as breathing. By asking “Who wants to pray?” Adam invites his children into a practice that is both a privilege and a pleasure, setting the stage for a lifelong dialogue with God.

“Or, you know, bedtime priority routines,” Adam continues,” if it’s a beautiful sunset, we’ll tell toddler, ‘You can thank Jesus for the sunset. You can pray.’”

The authenticity of a child’s prayer can remind you of the candor God desires in your communication with Him.

There’s a profound lesson in hearing a child thank God for their toys or express awe at a sunset. It encourages us to strip away the layers of formality we often drape our prayers in, and approach God with the same openness.

It’s in this nurturing of childlike faith where we find a tender challenge: to retain that sense of wonder and gratitude as we grow.

Adam shares, “The other day he said, ‘Where is He?’ It’s like now we’re getting deeper. Here we go. It’s like in your heart? You know, you can thank him, He’s listening. Always listening there. You just say thank you.”

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Adam’s anecdote about his child’s question, “Where is He?” is a gentle invitation for us to engage with our faith with curiosity and to welcome the questions that often arise.

Faith is not about having all the answers but being willing to explore the depths of God’s character with an open heart.

Moreover, Adam’s focus on establishing a habit of prayer lays a foundation for a future deepened relationship with God. As we guide the young ones in our lives to approach God in all things, we too are reminded of the importance of regular communion with our Creator. It’s in these daily practices where our relationship with God can blossom from ritual to relationship.

But how do you cultivate such a vibrant prayer life, especially amid the demands and distractions of your time?

      1. Be intentional about creating spaces for prayer in your daily routines.

Whether it’s a morning prayer over coffee, a whispered plea in the midst of a busy workday, or a reflective pause before sleep, these intentional moments can become sacred encounters with the divine.

      2. Embrace the mundane as holy ground.

Just as Adam points out the beauty of a sunset to his toddler, we can use the everyday wonders around us as prompts to engage with God. Whether it’s the laughter of a child, the steadfastness of the seasons or the provision of our daily bread, each is an opportunity to acknowledge God’s goodness.

      3. Refuse to shy away from the questions and the mysteries of your faith.

When a child, or anyone for that matter, asks, “Where is He?” we’re presented with an opportunity to explore the presence of God that isn’t confined to a location but is as close as our heartbeat. In these moments, we echo the assurance found in Jeremiah 29:13, “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart” (NIV).

      4. See your prayer life as a journey, not a sprint.

The seeds we plant through our faithful prayers today may bloom in seasons we may not even be around to witness. Yet, we trust in God’s faithfulness to complete the work He has started in us and through us.

In sharing their experiences, Jordan and Adam offer us a glimpse into the beauty of a faith that is lived out authentically. Their stories serve as a beacon, illuminating a path where prayer is as natural as conversation, where God is as involved in the minutiae of our lives as He is in the grand narrative of history.

As you seek to weave prayer into the fabric of your daily existence, expect God to be present, always ready to listen, eager to speak and faithful to respond.

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