From Hits to Home

Apollo LTD’s Inspiring Shift to God-Centered Living

We live in a world that often measures worth by productivity, which makes it easy to find ourselves tangled in the web of work and accomplishments, mistaking them for our identity. Adam Stark and Jordan Phillips from Apollo LTD shared their journey from equating self-worth with output to discovering a richer, fuller sense of identity with Family Life Radio.

“We’ve known each other a long time,” Adam begins, “We’ve talked about the struggle of getting wrapped up in what you do and having your identity in your career or what fruits come from your work.”

Identity in Christ, Not in Achievements

“When we younger things obviously were more much more tumultuous.” Adam continues, “But as we’ve grown and had families, we’ve realized we are so much more than just our work and what we do.”

As they moved away from the tumult of identifying solely with their work, they embraced the liberating truth that their worth was not contingent on their musical success. They realized that they are, first and foremost, children of God, loved and valued far beyond their earthly roles.

Apollo LTD

“In Christ Jesus you are all children of God through faith,” found in Galatians 3:26, is a truth that anchors us amidst the shifting sands of societal expectations and personal accomplishments” (Galatians 3:26 NIV).

The Holiness of Boundaries

Adam says, “When it’s five o’clock, we’re done. We don’t do the midnight studio sessions … We have made it a very intentional thing that we work from 9 to 5, so that we can be there for dinner, baths and bedtime routines. Putting our kids to sleep and just being present fathers is a really important thing for us.”

Our lives are not defined by how much we can produce but by the relationships we nurture—with God, with our families and with ourselves.

By setting work aside at 5.pm., Adam and Jordan are not just clocking out of their job; they are clocking into life’s sacred moments that cannot be quantified or commodified.

The Ministry of Presence

Jordan shares, “When we’re home, we’re home. We’re not buried in the phone. I have reminders that come up. That are just like, ‘GET OFF THE PHONE. This day and age, we’re all addicted to our phones.”

Apollo LTD

In the era of constant connectivity, Jordan’s habit of setting reminders to put away his phone is a practical application of being present. Whether Jesus was speaking with a desperate father, a curious rich young ruler or a woman who touched the hem of His garment for healing, He gave them His full attention.

When we emulate this attentiveness in our interactions, especially with our family, we engage in a ministry that echoes Jesus’ own.

Small Moments, Big Kingdom Impact

Jordan shares, “When I’m with my little girl, and we’re playing with slime at the kitchen table – because that’s apparently like the new latest greatest thing. It gets everywhere by the way – that I’m not buried in my phone. I’m with her and that matters. Those little, tiny moments are super valuable because they accumulate; it’s really meaningful.”

“It’s kingdom work that’s being done in those little moments when we’re just present with our kids.”

Each moment spent in presence, each small act of love and attention, is a brick in the edifice of God’s kingdom. Jordan says his phone doesn’t come out during date night with his wife, either. It’s not even allowed on the table.

Apollo LTD

The choice for intentionality in Christ isn’t just about adjusting schedules; it’s about recalibrating hearts. It’s recognizing that each day is a canvas God has given us, and how we fill that canvas makes all the difference. The intentional life is one marked by boundaries that free us, presence that fulfills us, and a sense of worth that is rooted in divine love and purpose.

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