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Melissa & Kaylee

Where do i start... I am a single Mom who loves my daughter very much & because i do all i can to protect her physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, Spiritually & financially, i am condemned. I am 37 & i dont believe in school systems these days or technology... but im not amish or mennonite so i cant have the same beliefs. Homeschool is not illegal even without a cirriculum in Michigan but because the judge & others with power beleive differently, it dont matter what the law is. They play God in their line of work & im a poor nobody so satan wins again... I believe in natural food & stay away from alot of PROCESSED junk food & only get meat and dairy from farm & or meat market. Thats apparently not natural either.... PLEASE PRAY FOR US & MY DAUGHTER RIGHT NOW CUZ SHE IS IN SATANS CARE WITHOUT KNOWING I AM FIGHTING FOR HER STILL. DHS ILLIGALLY TOOK MY DAUGHTER ON FALSE ACCUSATIONS & JUDGES OPINION & THEN MY LANDLORD WHO HAPPENS TO BE A PASTOR ILLEGALLY EVICTED ME AFTER I PAID WHAT I OWED HIM AND LOCKED ME OUT OF MY APT 10 DAYS LATER & TOOK ALL OUR STUFF I CANT GET BACK. AGAIN POWER VS. POOR... MERRY CHRISTMAS, DAUGHTERS GONE, JOBS GONE, VEHICLE GONE, APTS GONE, PHONES GONE, ALL BELONGINGS, PICTURES, BIBLE ECT... WHO KNEW WORKING FOR A LIVING EVEN WHEN NOT GETTING PAID WAS ILLEGAL?? WHY IS IT OK FOR THE LAW TO BREAK THE LAW & PICK ON THE POOR?? NO matter how hard i try, its not good enuf. Cant get a job cuz i was accused of crimes long ago i didnt do & have proof & dont have transportion to get there, cant get apt cuz of that too and now eviction cuz my landlord didnt like where i was working & old perverted boss stalker ruined my credit & have no momey so not qualified.. So pray God sends an excellent lawyer from heaven & a home for us & he delivers my daughter back in my arms where shes safe and peotected & for her to forget their brainwashing games & torture

& the winning powerball ticket on borrowed money or that he just ends time on earth & brings us together in heaven.. i dont drink, smoke or do drugs of any kind & yet if i did, i would get help.. Go figure. Welcome to America. We need Miracles to say the least... I NEED A DIVORCE FROM SATAN!! HELP!

Received: January 14, 2020