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Eherbz-Organic Spice Market

Contact: Sheila Mae Frahm
Address 11240 S. Beyer Rd. Birch Run MI 48415 Phone: 9892725383Website: Eherbz-Organic Spice Market


Photo of Eherbz-Organic Spice Market

Eherbz formerly Organic World Spice Market offers variety of products, from Organic Herbs & Spices, Blends, Peppers, Organic Teas, Coffees, Essential oils and more. We are very proud to cary Made in Michigan Products that were hand picked and curated by us and were top sellers based from our Customer’s reviews and past sales.

We also carry our own Weight loss Supplement which is a popular product online and in-store. As well as many other things, we carry beauty products that are a hip on the market.

Eherbz based most of our products such as Herbs, Spies, Teas and Coffees Organic made since we value our customer’s principle of living healthy and natural. Made in Michigan products were all made in Natural and Organic ingredients, from Honey’s to your favorite soap.

We offer highly effective and affordable prices that suits your budget and need to make a healthy yet affordable living.

Customer service is always there whenever you need help on a product. When you order from us by phone you will speak with an informed, courteous company representative.