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Glory to God Publications LLC

Contact: Alton and Dolly Cooper
Address 2216 East Libbie Drive Lansing MI 48917 Phone: 517-862-6495Website: www.GTGALTONLYNNCOOPER.COM


Photo of Glory to God Publications LLC

ABOUT THE BUSINESS: Glory to God Publications LLC began in 2018 with God calling Alton Lynn Cooper and his wife Dolly to write and publish Biblically based Christian reading materials to strengthen God’s children and win the lost to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. All of our materials are written to Honor and Glorify God, His Holy Word and our Lord Jesus Christ.

GLORY TO GOD READING MATERIALS ARE AVAILABLE THROUGH Amazon, Barnes & Noble, BAM (Books-A-Million),, E-Book, Ingram, Indigo, iTunes, Kobo, McNally Robinson, Russell Books, Spring Arbor, Sword of the Lord (, Trilogy Publishing ( AND IN MOST BRICK AND MORTAR BOOK STORES. GTGALTONLYNNCOOPER.COM.

GRAMPA HAL SERIES (Color Illustrated) by Alton Lynn Cooper

  • Grampa Hal Comes To Visit
  • Grampa Hal Rooster For Rent
  • Grampa Hal Hats With Headlights
  • Grampa Hal The Fish That Wouldn’t Stay Caught
  • Grampa Hal The Frog That Wouldn’t Hop
  • Grampa Hal Flies That Don’t Burn
  • Grampa Hal Jeepers and Creepers
  • Grampa Hal The Crazy Little Train That Goes In Circles

Tall Tales for Little People (Ten short stories for children)

FULL LENGTH NOVELS (Christian Fiction) by Alton Lynn Cooper

  • Wellmington’s Cove
  • The Long Dusty Road
  • The Bend in the River
  • On The Wings of Love
  • Caleb’s Mountain


  • Godly Priorities for Christian Living (Released by Alton Cooper)
  • Finding Peace and Joy in a Troubled World (Released by Lynn Cooper)
  • Building Godly Relationships (Released by Lynn Cooper)
  • Salt and Light-America’s Greatest Need (by Alton Lynn Cooper)
  • The Coming Wars (by Alton Lynn Cooper)

SAMUEL GARCIA DETECTIVE SERIES (Christian Fiction) by Alton Lynn Cooper

  • In the Dark of Night
  • The Case of the Vanishing Masterpieces
  • Gone Without A Trace

BIOGRAPHY OF OWNERS: Alton Lynn Cooper is an ordained minister serving as pastor to the deaf at Capitol City Baptist Church in Holt Michigan. Alton also served in prison ministry at the Carson City Regional Correctional Facility in Mid-Michigan. Alton also worked in the automotive industry as a manufacturing manager for the General Motors Corporation for forty one years.

Alton and his wife Dolly have participated in mission trips and educational tours in Israel, Mexico, Honduras, England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Egypt and Jordan along with serving in the United States working in vacation Bible schools and on building projects at Bible Colleges and youth camps.

Dolly has been a faithful servant in her church for over fifty years supporting the deaf and hearing ministries along with participating in the musical program. Dolly played a critical role in the publication of our materials serving as assisting editor, illustration development and technical support.

Glory to God Publications LLC was started to provide scripturally sound biblically based reading materials to encourage others to seek the Lord as they pass through this troubled world. We want to send out a beacon of hope to all those seeking a place of peace and refuge along life’s pathway. Our hearts burden is to win the lost to Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour, strengthen God’s children and the local New Testament Church.