Sacredness in the Everyday

Faith Eury Cho’s Revelation of God’s Presence

Have you ever felt like your spiritual journey is more of a burden than a blessing? You’re not alone. Faith Eury Cho, in a candid interview with Family Life Radio, shared her early struggles and profound realizations in her walk with Jesus.

“When I was in my younger years of faith, with my lack of understanding of what gospel living really was like – I’ll be really honest – I didn’t really enjoy the Christian walk that much,” Faith admits.

The Struggle with Spiritual Debt

Despite a promising start, she soon found herself caught in a cycle of striving, guilt and shame. “The beginning was great. The starting point was great. But then when you get into the striving, when you get into the guilt trips, the shame, it makes you wonder, ‘Okay, what is what is all this for, really?’ I felt like intimacy was my debt to pay,” she confessed. Playing catch-up with God, apologizing for not living in church or always being in her devotional book, was exhausting.

A Revelation: The Holy of Holies Within

But then, a revelation changed everything for Faith. “I don’t need to go to the secret place. I don’t need to go to the holy of holies. The holy of holies was in me,” she realized.

Understanding that the Holy Spirit is within us, making us the Temple of the Holy Spirit, transformed her view of daily tasks. “Now the most holy place is when I go wash the dishes, when I change the diapers, when I drive to the city,” Faith shared.

She found freedom in realizing every moment can be sacred.

Balancing Devotion and Daily Life

Faith asks a clarifying question: “Does this negate the importance and the value of going away in in a hidden place to pray and having your devotional moment with God? No, that does not negate the importance of that.” She continued with an example: “Jesus demonstrated that in His life. However, the way He did it was, He woke up in the morning, and He prayed to His Father. He carried that connection with Him all throughout the day.”

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the demands of life and your desire to connect with God, you can find balance in knowing your life and its demands are not in competition with what Jesus offers.

Faith Eury Cho

A Pivotal Moment in Mexico

Faith said, “I wasn’t even saved, and I went on this missions trip,” For the first time she was encouraged that she had to choose Jesus. There under the stars, in a desert-like area, remembers saying, “I choose you; I want you: I choose you. I don’t to do this whole back and forth thing just guessing if you’re there, wondering if you’re hearing me. I want a real relationship with you!”

The Taste of Heaven Over the World

Despite falls and challenges that followed, Faith’s encounter in Mexico left a lasting impact. “And I remember experiencing the baptism of the Holy Spirit in such a way where it ruined my taste for the world in such an irreversible way.”

In that moment, Faith found a source of strength and perspective: “There was just something about knowing the taste of heaven, where whatever the world offers, it’ll just never, ever be enough,” she reflected.

Like Faith, when you begin to realize God’s presence in your everyday life, you can experience a shift from seeing spiritual practices as a debt to be paid, to embracing them as natural extensions of your daily existence. You can find comfort in the knowledge that the sacred can be found in the simplest of moments. Your relationship with God isn’t confined to a church or a quiet room; it’s alive in every breath, every task and every challenge.

Faith Eury Cho

Faith Eury Cho

A passionate gospel preacher since 19, Faith Eury Cho now excels as an international speaker, pastor, author, and CEO. Her commitment to sharing the gospel’s joy and the Presence of God is evident in her leadership at The Honor Summit, which she founded, and Mosaic Covenant Church, which she co-pastors with her husband. A graduate from Liberty University with a Masters in Divinity, Faith also contributes to Propel Ecclesia and is the author of “Experiencing Friendship with God.” Recognized as one of “20 Rising Leaders” by Outreach Magazine, Faith’s most treasured role is being a mother to her four children.

Visit https://www.faitheurycho.com/ or follow Faith on Instagram @FAITHEURYCHO 

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