God Is Saving Souls

Every day, we get calls, letters and emails saying, “Thank you for encouraging me,” or “I feel so good when I listen to your music,” or “Your station helps me grow in my faith.”
But Diana says, “Thank you for helping me find the Lord again!”

God invites each of us to be a part of the life-changing, soul-saving work He does.

When you give to Family Life Radio, God works through the music and programs you make possible to reach people like Diana.
The biblical teaching, inspiring stories of hope, and Christ-centered music YOU help send out across the airwaves make it possible for men, women and children across the globe to:

  • Discover Jesus’ great love for them.
  • Experience healing and encouragement.
  • Grow in their faith.
  • Learn to live intentionally for God.

Imagine the possibilities – what we can do together.

The journey continues! Learn more here.