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Completely Undone with Patrick Mayberry

Singer and songwriter, Patrick Mayberry opened up about his journey into becoming an artist, a path filled with self-doubt and questions about his own worth. During a conference, he experienced a profound spiritual moment where he felt the Holy Spirit working within him, breaking down his fears and insecurities.

“Stepping into being an ‘artist,’ was a loose term I really wrestled with for a long time,” Patrick confesses, “because I was like, Who am I? What do I have to offer? I was actually at a conference, and I let my guard down on accident, because I was just really enjoying the conference. I feel like the Holy Spirit used that opportunity to undo some things in me, and really, I just fell apart!”

He described this experience as a catalyst, a time when he felt seen and loved by God. “I was like, Wait. What? Who me? How could you use a guy like me?”

Patrick felt God’s invitation to let go of his fears and to step into a bigger calling.

“I felt like a lot of things got put in me just out of pure fear and lack of qualification. And God invited me to let go of a lot of those things. This was a big catalyst moment. I’m not a huge crier, but I couldn’t get it together for two days.”

“God saw me, and He liked me, and He was like, ‘I’ve put things in you that I would love for you to unleash into the world and into the church.’”

Patrick Mayberry

Patrick continues, “It’s kind of a wild moment. There’s been a lot of unpacking and prayer to just sift through what that looks like.”

He likened it to getting out of a boat. This moment marked a significant turning point for him, leading him to embrace his gifts and the purpose God has for him in the world and the church.

“That was a big moment for me to realize …. Am I going to put away my lack of qualifications, fears or doubts? God invited me to get out of the boat. He didn’t say, ‘I need you to swim.’ He just said, ‘I want you get out of the boat, and I’ll take care of the rest.’ So that’s kind of the journey I want right now.”

It’s a journey Patrick is still on, filled with prayer and reflection, as he continues to explore what God’s calling looks like for him.

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