Plan a Successful Easter Get-Together

Who is coming to dinner?

Celebrations usually include food and people. Easter is no exception. Friends and families gather to feast and rejoice, in remembrance of the resurrection of the Son of God. 

With fanfare, Grandma presents her famous ham-balls, Aunt Judy brings special party potatoes, Cousin Barbara the red-hot candied apples and not to be out-done, Sister Sue presents her blue-ribbon coconut cake. Or possibly the local take-out joint comes knocking on the door, delivering hot pizza. Whichever scenario you choose, special events include food and community. 

Four months ago, this same crowd gathered to celebrate Christmas. The food was enjoyed, but when you consider the people, not all were enjoyable. Some were barely tolerable. Arriving in anticipation of sharing the joyous holiday, departing hours later feeling less than – judged, misunderstood or confidence shaken. A recurring theme, but a different season – same emotion, leaving an undeniable imprint. 

Will Easter be any different?

Easter celebrations with food, family and community offer choices.

Choosing to eat wisely, combined with portion control, creates delight and energy. Choosing indulgence without restraint generates misery and exhaustion. 

Just like food, gatherings offer choices too – the choice to depart in delight with confidence intact or exit exhausted and miserable. 

You can have a successful family gathering this Easter.

  • Plan the departure time before arrival. Choosing an exit hour is freeing and creates enhanced enjoyment of the occasion. 
  •  Sharing the departure time with the host is courteous. 
  • Stating “Thank you for understanding” expresses expectation of the response.   
  • Expect pushback. Few people enjoy change. 
  • Create a buddy system to protect yourself and others against toxic, overbearing and judgmental guests. 

Conversations become more intentional and meaningful when an exit time is established.  

Choices can be hard. Choosing to step away from the recurring holiday theme is easier said than done. Change is difficult. Old habits die hard. Disappointing others is thorny. However, staying in the sameness is also hard, experiencing celebration after celebration eroding confidence. Exiting in misery hurts your heart. 

When choosing the “right” hard, there is heightened anticipation and enjoyment in each celebration. Space is created with beautiful freedom to fully celebrate and rejoice in the occasion with others while enjoying a piece of coconut cake.

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