The Antidote to Regret

The Antidote to Regret

Learning to Sit in Gratitude with Christian Bevere

In a world where our past often haunts our present, Christian Bevere offers a refreshing perspective on overcoming regrets and embracing the transformative power of God’s love in her book, “Break Up with What Broke You.” In a recent conversation with Family Life Radio, Christian shared profound insights from her journey, shedding light on how God has provided an antidote to regret.

Christian begins by highlighting a fundamental truth: “One of the biggest components for overcoming regrets is to sit in gratitude.” In moments where we are burdened by our past choices, shifting our focus to gratitude can be a powerful tool. It’s about embracing the present blessings – however small they may seem – and allowing them to reshape our perspective.

She reflects, “I’ve had conversations with God in the midst of my biggest regrets, thinking, Why did I do that? … And God just so gently would remind me not a single person has been without falling short except for Christ.”

Our shared human experience and God’s understanding and grace is a beacon of hope any time we struggle with feelings of inadequacy.

Christian Bevere


The Greatest Gift

God’s love not only forgives but also renews, offering us a chance to embrace a new identity free from the shackles of past mistakes. Christian shares, “The grace that comes when your love allows me to be unashamed of who I am because you create a new identity in me. That’s the greatest gift I received.”

Christian also addresses a common struggle among believers – the gap between knowing about God’s love and truly experiencing it. She states, “It doesn’t matter how much I know, if I’m not actually experiencing [God’s love] and reciprocating it.”

Our relationship with God, like any relationship, requires not just knowledge but active engagement and experience.

Move Beyond Mere Knowledge

Lastly, Christian emphasizes the need to put our faith into action: “Sometimes just knowing the word can actually be a hindrance from living out the word. And we have to put faith into action.”

Arden and Christian Bevere

We are invited and expected to move beyond mere knowledge of Scripture and Christian principles, and to actively live them out in our daily lives, making our faith a lived experience.

Christian encourages that we really can break up with what broke us and step into a life marked by God’s redeeming love. Her book, “Break Up with What Broke You,” is not just a read; it’s a journey towards understanding and applying God’s unfailing grace in our everyday lives.


Christian BevereChristian Bevere

Christian Bevere is passionate about seeing women discover their identity in Christ. A firm believer in God’s redemption story, she shares powerful truth and practical applications through her books, podcast, online platform and teachings.

She is an experienced creative director and content creator with a focus on branding and communication. She is skilled in writing, design, branding, video editing and content strategy.

Wife to Arden Bevere and mother to Azariah Jax Bevere, Christian is on a mission to help others encounter God, silence shame and avoid settling for less than His best. Visit christianbevere.com.

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