The Hardest Thing with David Frey

Forgiveness is vital to your future

“I’ll never forget the day we wrote the song, ‘Where Forgiveness Is,’” singer and songwriter, David Frey with Sidewalk Prophets shared when he sat down for a conversation with Family Life Radio. “I don’t think there’s any song more honest that we’ve ever written about how hard it is to forgive, and yet how essential it is to be able to move on, to grow and to thrive.”

David describes unforgiveness as a huge boulder sitting in your heart. As long as it sits there, you can never truly be free.

“I think forgiveness is the hardest thing you can do in life.”

David said he, Ben Mcdonald, Casey Brown and Parker Welling Nohe had some very hard conversations while writing the song. “Parker was open and honest with her lyrics, and we were open and honest right back,” David said. “We said everything we needed to say, and it’s still one of my favorites. It’s got a Tom Petty kind of feel, while at the same time it has a very challenging lyric that we hope people actually chew on and listen to.”

The song comes from the difficulty of forgiving others, David admits. “I’ve been slayed by circumstances and relationships. I was engaged to the wrong people. These things come up and rear their ugly heads, 20years later.”

“True forgiveness is giving it to the Lord,” David said. “It doesn’t mean you ever forget it. It always comes back in one way or another, but when true forgiveness is there, you can talk about it and help others through it. You can just find that freedom.”

It takes time and patience to let go of something and forgive.

Sometimes we can find it almost impossible to forgive right away. David believes the ability to forgive right away is a gift from God. A child of divorce, David and his family went to Disney. His father, mother and stepfather all stayed at the same hotel. David asked, “How insane is that?” But he added – “I love it; I want to live life like that!”

David continued, “Seeing [forgiveness] displayed the way I did, it’s knowing who we serve.” Jesus said “Father, forgive them. They don’t know what they’re doing” (Luke 23:34 GW).

Most of the time people don’t even realize the scope of what they’re doing to a human heart when they are the cause of the pain and heart break.

David believes he has experienced broken things so he could be free from them. Time and distance have allowed him to look back and say, “I never should have been in that spot.”

Sometimes the prayers you pray are out of a want. God hears you but doesn’t answer that prayer because in His wisdom and plan for your life, He knows you really don’t want to go down that path.

Let the words of the song, “Where Forgiveness Is” speak to your heart.

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