The Simplicity of Direct Communication with God

A Journey for Everyone

Faith Eury Cho joined Family Life Radio in a conversation about friendship with God. She says she didn’t come to God in a conventional way.

Faith’s journey to God wasn’t the typical narrative you might expect. Born in South Korea, she found her faith in Mexico. “I didn’t go to church when I was little. So when I actually did become saved, I was like, ‘Wait, so if there’s a God, and He loves me, and He died for me, then I need to become His best friend.’ And I need to know Him. We need to be talking. We need to get this relationship going,” she recalls.

Beyond Traditional Prayer

Have you ever felt lost in your prayer life, unsure of how to truly connect with God? Faith faced similar challenges. “A lot of the resources that I ran into were okay. Now just pray, right? But then just praying is a very packed experience. What does that even mean? How do you navigate the mysteries of his presence?”

Her quest for understanding led her to Brother Lawrence’s book; its simplicity caught her attention. “But really what enthralled me,” she shared, “was I felt like I was watching the Food Network. I was watching someone eat the best meal of his life, but I did not know personally how it tasted; how it smelled. I could only imagine. But that’s what reading that book felt like.”

Navigating Faith in the Modern World

In today’s fast-paced world, balancing faith with everyday demands can be a struggle.  “What does it mean to walk with Jesus with such pleasure and delight with the demands of my modern-day life? How can I live in such a way where what I actually have to do is not in competition to my intimacy with God?” she asked.

Faith Eury Cho

Finding God in Everyday Moments

God offers constant companionship. Faith says, “I was just navigating my own journey … because I’m not a monk in a monastery. This book is from a monk in a monastery. I am a millennial woman in the 21st century world. You can experience God in the mundane. You can experience God just washing the dishes,” she points out.

God is present in every aspect of our lives, even in the most ordinary tasks.

A Response to Modern Spirituality

In a world where many are seeking signs from the universe, Faith offers a gentle yet sincere perspective.”  I’m a bit of a social media junkie. And something I see so frequently in videos is ‘I asked the universe for a sign’ and ‘the universe sent me a sign.’ … and they’re really relying on signs from the universe as opposed to developing a relationship with God.”

Simple and Direct

Faith’s message is clear and empowering: God doesn’t need intermediaries. “The good news is that God does not want to speak to you through crystals, through signs, through cards … He wants to speak to you face to face.” She emphasizes the simplicity and directness of communicating with God. He offers a tangible, authentic spiritual experience so many are still searching for.

A Call to a Deeper Relationship

Consider your own path. Are you seeking a deeper, more personal relationship with God amidst the complexities of modern life? Let Faith’s story be your invitation to explore a faith that is not just about rituals or external signs but a heart-to-heart conversation with God.

Your faith is not just a set of rituals or beliefs but a living, breathing relationship with a God who desires to be your closest friend.

Faith Eury Cho

Faith Eury Cho

A passionate gospel preacher since 19, Faith Eury Cho now excels as an international speaker, pastor, author, and CEO. Her commitment to sharing the gospel’s joy and the Presence of God is evident in her leadership at The Honor Summit, which she founded, and Mosaic Covenant Church, which she co-pastors with her husband. A graduate from Liberty University with a Masters in Divinity, Faith also contributes to Propel Ecclesia and is the author of “Experiencing Friendship with God.” Recognized as one of “20 Rising Leaders” by Outreach Magazine, Faith’s most treasured role is being a mother to her four children.

Visit https://www.faitheurycho.com/ or follow Faith on Instagram @FAITHEURYCHO 

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