Welcome 104.1 FM! 

God has allowed Family Life Radio to greatly strengthen our Tucson radio coverage by the addition of 104.1FM to our radio network.  You can now hear Family Life Radio at four different points on the radio dial in the Tucson area – 104.1FM, AM830, 101.7FM, and 88.5FM.

Family Life Radio President, Evan Carlson said, “We are excited about the addition of 104.1FM to our network and look forward to providing one solid FM signal to the entire Tucson area.  Through the addition of 104.1FM we can better serve the community as we provide our hope filled radio programming, all originating from our national headquarters right here in Tucson broadcasting to our 42-station network.”


WHY ANOTHER FAMILY LIFE RADIO STATION IN TUCSON?  104.1FM will provide one strong radio signal for in-homes and car radio across the Tucson area.  Currently, Family Life Radio broadcasts from two FM signals (and one AM signal), one from the east side of town and the other from the west side of town – both required in order to provide adequate FM coverage for the Tucson area.  Providing one good signal from one tower location will allow Family Life Radio to better serve the community while eliminating the need, and associated cost, of broadcasting from multiple tower locations. 

WHAT ARE YOUR PLANS YOUR OTHER TUCSON RADIO SIGNALS?  Decisions concerning the best use of these radio ministry assets is being reviewed by our ministry Board of Directors.  No final decisions will be made until 104.1FM becomes the main Tucson signal for Family Life Radio programming.  

WILL THE PROGRAMMING REMAIN THE SAME AS IT IS NOW?  Yes, but even better.  Our programming team works hard to respond to the needs and desires of our listeners.  Family Life Radio is committed to helping our listeners to “Experience Hope” through our programming and community engagement activities.  We are exciting about serving Tucson with this stronger signal.