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Inside Jenny and Dave Marrs’ Rescue Farm

Jenny and Dave Marrs, the compassionate duo from HGTV’s Fixer to Fabulous joined Family Life Radio for a conversation about Jenny’s new book, “House + Love = Home: Creating Warm, Intentional Spaces for a Beautiful Life.” In this blog they talk about how they‘ve turned their farm into a sanctuary for the most unexpected guests.

Jenny, with a laugh that echoes her warm heart, tells us, “We have 28 animals right now. We’re like the rescue farm.” Imagine waking up to find a new llama in your pasture, a surprise addition to your family. This is a regular occurrence for the Marrs. As Jenny describes, “if somebody needs a home, they’ve ended up [here].”

The Marrs don’t just see these animals as pets. “I don’t know if I’d call them animals,” Dave muses, “They’re just kind of yard art.” This yard art includes an eclectic mix of animals, each with their unique story.

Take, for instance, Daddy Donkey. Jenny recalls, “He actually came to us with that name – [They were] Daddy Donkey, Mama Donkey and Baby Donkey.” Daddy Donkey, a miniature donkey, is notably overweight, a trait common among their animals. “All of our animals are [overweight]. They get so many treats. It’s ridiculous,” Jenny laughs.

Jenny Marrs

“We have an alpaca named Alfie, 14 sheep, camels and then we have five dogs too,” Dave adds. Among these dogs are two Great Pyrenees, Jack and Bell – brother and sister – the unsung heroes of the farm. Brought in to protect the sheep, they have become much more than just guardians.

Dave shares, “They are the guardians. They live with all the animals. You talk about God creating, animals for each other and for us, they are they have never been trained and they are brother and sister. They are the first animal to go up to the mother [when a new baby is born] and they clean that baby’s sheep off.”

Jack and Bell switch roles seamlessly, with Jack protecting the herd at night and Bell during the day. Their dedication was put to the test when Jack fearlessly chased a coyote away to protect the flock.” He chased it into the den and got really, really hurt. He had to have surgery,” Jenny recalls with a hint of concern in her voice. Yet, this brave act by Jack has ensured the safety of their sheep ever since.

But it’s not all about the challenges. There’s joy, too, like when their daughter Charlotte rode Sadie, the horse, in the Christmas parade. These moments of happiness are what make the Marrs’ farm a special place. The Marrs’ farm is a world where every animal, no matter how big or small, overweight or unique, finds a loving home.

Read an excerpt from Jenny’s new book, House + Love = Home here.

Jenny MarrsJenny Marrs is a vibrant soul, a designer, author and a heartfelt advocate for community transformation and orphan care worldwide. Alongside her husband Dave, she breathes new life into historic homes in Northwest Arkansas on their HGTV show, “Fixer to Fabulous.” At home, Jenny’s life is a beautiful tapestry of family love with five children and a bustling farm life. Her heart extends beyond her doorstep, leading to the creation of The Berry Farm. This project not only delights local families with berry-picking and events but also supports vital initiatives in Zimbabwe, turning local actions into global impacts. Jenny’s journey is a testament to living a life filled with purpose, creativity, and compassion.

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