Why Should I Give?

I have so many other organizations I give to

God expects us to give generously to those in need. So we hope you are giving to other organizations, and especially to your church. But if Family Life Radio is meeting a need in your life, we ask you to stand by the station that stands by you every day.

If you count on Family Life Radio to be there for you, we’re counting on you to be there for us.

I can’t afford it

God only expects us to give in relation to how He has blessed us. But He has given us all the ability to sow some “seed” for the Kingdom of God. He may have given your neighbor a bushel basket of “seed.” And maybe He’s given you only a handful. Sow what He has given you, and then thank Him for the work He’ll do through it. Your faithfulness will reach others in need.

I didn’t know you needed my help

Actually, less than 10% of our regular listeners give to Family Life Radio. So when you give, you are an important part of the vital minority. Imagine what we could do together for the Kingdom of God if just a few more, like you, gave.


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Why Do Others Give?

Your station helped me during a time when I thought my life was over. You gave me hope. I wish I could do more. God bless you.Warren, MI

I want to make sure others have this same opportunity to hear the message God has for them.Kansas City, MO

“Attending public high school can really drain a student, but Family Life Radio charges me up in the morning and refreshes me after school.” Corrales, NM

“The songs I hear keep me encouraged, lift up my spirits and give me hope through the stories I hear. I want to give support to those out there who feel hopeless and alone.” Owosso, MI

“I have been listening for about a year and wanted to have this radio station to be there for someone else as you have been for me.” Platteville, WI


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