You’re bringing new hope to families like Ray’s

Ray thought he knew how to be a real man. Having worked hard for years on the oil fields of Texas, he’d learned to fight his corner — and was driven to win, no matter the cost.

His competitive spirit paid off at work. But back home, it was destroying his family.

“I have four girls at home, and of course the man has to lead his family in everything. Tic-tac-toe, checkers — you have to blow them away. Soccer games — you have to train them to the best of your ability.”

Looking back, Ray sees the damage he was inflicting by his drive to win.

“It was actually tearing everyone down,” he shares. “I was tearing them apart with my whole win-win-win concept.

“We were actually going to go through a divorce,” Ray says. “I asked my wife one last time if she’d give me one more shot. She said the only way she would do it was if we actually went to church to try to find something different.”

It was a decision that transformed Ray’s life.

“When I went to church, it just lit the fire in me, and it was just extraordinary!” he smiles.

Now that he was a follower of Christ, Ray knew he had to learn afresh how to be a godly husband and dad—and that he had to lay aside his need to win.

Thanks to friends like you, when Ray tuned in to Family Life Radio for the first time, he found the inspiration he needed to build him up in his new faith.

Today, Family Life Radio still brings hope and strength to Ray — helping him walk with Jesus on the job and bringing Him home every night too!

“If I’m completely stressed out from work or life in general, I just jump in the work truck and I pray, ‘God, I need some peace and wisdom, let me know You’re here.’ And then I turn on Family Life Radio, and there’re two or three songs back-to-back that show me He’s here, that He’s awesome!

“At home, we got rid of most of our CDs — and with Family Life Radio, there’s a lot more Christian music being played at the house. I feel we’re a lot more close – knit than we were back then.”

Ray shared how thankful he is for the way Family Life Radio has helped restore his relationship with his wife and kids. And like you, he’s sharing the blessing he’s received with others through his support!

Ray’s story shows the impact you’re making — as you help bring the hope and healing of Jesus to millions of families across the nation through Family Life Radio. Thank you!

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