You’re giving comfort and hope to moms like Sienna

Grief is lonely. When a loved one dies, it often seems like no one knows the depths of your pain. No one understands how you feel.

Which is why Sienna’s story is so powerful—because in her time of grief, friends like you are speaking comfort and hope into her hurting heart each day… as she listens to Family Life Radio. She shares:

“Since the passing of my oldest son, Dylan, I hear Family Life Radio each morning on the way to work. The hope, encouragement, worship and Bible lessons are all a gift to me from God.”

Sienna’s “walk through the valley of the shadow of death” began when Dylan first fell ill. But she recalls how you helped bring her hope:

“Many mornings during Dylan’s time of illness, tears poured out. I remember his depleting physical body and the conversations we shared about his hopes and dreams. Many times he would say to me, ‘Momma, I want to live.’ As his mother, every ounce of my energy went into his care during the last five months of his life. It was then that Family Life Radio provided comfort and hope.”

Today, as Sienna continues to come to terms with her loss, Family Life Radio is a constant source of support. She explains:

“Although I know Dylan is now in heaven, I continue to grieve his departure. Family Life Radio is a daily part of my life for which I am grateful.”

And now, Sienna wants to pass the blessing she’s received on to others:

“Today as a regular supporter, I’ve been prompted to increase my monthly gift for Family Life Radio. My prayer is that you are blessed beyond measure!”

Sienna’s prayer is for you! Because through your partnership with Family Life Radio, you help to provide many people like her with strength and encouragement in the loneliest times of their grief.

And through your continued partnership with Family Life Radio, you’re sharing this blessing of hope and inspiration to those who need it each day. Thank you!

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