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Intentional One Thing Challenge

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Peter & Shannyn

Danny Gokey

The story behind the new song "Rise." read more »

Peter & Shannyn

12 Days Of Christmas

How much did you true love spend on you? read more »

Peter & Shannyn

Vicki Courtney

The Beauty, Worth, & Wonderfulness of You! read more »

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Big Daddy Weave

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What is a Good, Good Father?

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Who is Going to Fight for You?

“We took some really big, scary steps to kind of make this happen.” read more »

Prayer Hope Line


please ask God to give me the messages that he wants me to preach.


please pray for me in general and that depression does not set in during this holiday season.

Strength in God

I am 107 days sober but recently lost my job and am not feeling well physically. I want to stay strong in the...