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All Praise – August 28

"When we reduce Christianity to math we defile the Holy" ~ Donald Miller read more »


Grayson Reed

In Ministry and Married read more »

2014-05-24 10 03 53 (3)

I love my marriage!

Good Morning, I love you! read more »

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Jason Gray – Brokenhearted

“No one can prepare you for the chaos of a family breakdown.” read more »


Johnny Diaz – Breathe

Driving home from work, you suddenly realize that one more stressor will ... read more »


College and Jesus: Can You Stand Strong?

One of the greatest fears that the parent of a teenager who is a ... read more »

Prayer Hope Line

Sister cancer

Please pray for my sister who was just diagnosed with stage 1b stomach cancer.


continued prayer for Todd and Alex-marriage separation for 2 years, pray for marriage and family restoration.

My brothers and sisters I am requesting healing touch for my husband

My hubby hit his head at Breakers Water Park coming down long and fast water slide. Since then he has had slight...