• The Thrive Conference for Families in Business

    The Thrive Conference for Families in Business

    If you own a family business, join Dr. Randy Carlson and an expert guest faculty for an exciting lineup of keynote and breakout sessions. The Thrive Conference for Families in Business is designed to help your family business get to the next level. Early Bird tickets available − Register now and save.

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    Promote Your Easter Event

    Promote your upcoming Easter services, concerts, and other Easter related events on our FREE community calendar. All Easter related events will be highlighted for people in your local area to see.

  • New Business Partnership Program

    New Business Partnership Program

    Let Family Life Radio’s NEW Business Partnership Program connect your business with our listeners. Learn more about this exciting opportunity for your company.

  • Peter & Shannyn Show Highlights

    Peter & Shannyn Show Highlights

    Catch up with Peter and Shannyn on their Show Highlights page — video blogs, audio clips, recipes and more!

  • Stories of Hope

    Stories of Hope

    Be inspired by these true stories of hope from listeners like you.

  • The Thrive Conference for Families in Business
  • Promote Your Easter Event
  • New Business Partnership Program
  • Peter & Shannyn Show Highlights
  • Stories of Hope


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Intentional One Thing Challenge

Show Highlights

Julia Taylor

Julia Taylor – Week of Feb 22

Babysitting is basically a contract, but do you both know the terms? read more »


All Praise – February 22

A heart check for Valentine's Weekend! read more »

Johnny & Stacey Stone

Johnny & Stacey Week of Feb 16

Who will rescue and protect the most fragile lives on earth? read more »

Artist Spotlights

David Crowder

What Everybody Ought to Know About David Crowder

David Crowder faced all kinds of questions when he decided to disband the ... read more »


Newsboys – Faithfulness in the Face of Change

The Newsboys have not only been blessing audiences for 25+ years, they are ... read more »

Jamie Grace

Jamie Grace – Her Journey as a Single

So, one day Jamie Grace was like “I’m going to write a book about being ... read more »

Prayer Requests

Pray for Kathy & Harry following Harry's third knee surgery.

Please pray for friends Kathy & Harry. Harry just had his third knee surgery & wife Kathy is having memory...

Please pray for Scout

Please pray with me for strength and healing for Scout. Thank you.


l Praise lord for answered prayer. Keep being there for wayne as we get visits. He struggling every return as he...