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Artist Spotlights

Hawk Nelson

Why Did Hawk Nelson Seek a New Direction?

You may have a lot in common with the members of Hawk Nelson if you have ... read more »

David Crowder

What Everybody Ought to Know About David Crowder

David Crowder faced all kinds of questions when he decided to disband the ... read more »


Newsboys – Faithfulness in the Face of Change

The Newsboys have not only been blessing audiences for 25+ years, they are ... read more »

Prayer Requests

Pray for marriage and work

Please pray that I will get my job back. I am afraid if I cannot get my job back that my marriage may suffer. ...

right leg

Healing for my right leg and right glute.

prayer for my husband

he has had a cough for 4 month. drs haven't found the cause yet. very fustrated