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Johnny & Stacey Week of November 23

Gifts from children are precious! read more »

Peter & Shannyn

Peter & Shannyn – Week of Nov 23

Peter & Shannyn – Tuesday, November 24 This weekend marks the beginning of the ... read more »

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Image of the Big Daddy Weave Band

Big Daddy Weave

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Hope Child

Seven Ways to Develop Hope in Your Child

Here are seven ways you can help your child grow in their relationship with ... read more »


tobyMac found love and then… almost let it get away

Just as TobyMac's career seemed positioned to take off, he realized he was ... read more »

Prayer Lifeline

My Wonderful Husband

May have cancer. I am sooooooooooooo scared.

Full Time Job

I am moving into a new place & need to increase my income, Dec 1st..Waiting on the Lord..trusting

Prayers for God's help with our bills

Lord, please bless us to be able to pay all of our bills. Please bless us that we may pay for everything and be...