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By the Book – (December 2023)

Financial Freedom

Proverbs 19:20-21 (NASB)

Listen to advice and accept discipline,
So that you may be wise the rest of your days.
Many plans are in a person’s heart,
But the advice of the Lord will stand.

God’s word has much to say about how we should live our lives, including how to manage money. If you are like me, you may benefit from the wisdom and experience of others to fully appreciate God’s plan for living your faith through wise stewardship. The growing movement of Biblical financial planning raised thought leaders to help tackle this challenging topic. They provide thoughtful content through blogs, sermons, videos, and books. As a Certified Kingdom Advisor, I often share books from these leaders with the families I serve. The recommended reading varies by age and stage.

The millennial or Gen Z believer seeking wise stewardship and generosity: God and Money- How We Discovered True Riches at Harvard Business School by John Cortines and Gregory Baumer

Cortines and Baumer exhibit wisdom and understanding beyond their years as they share their lessons from studying generosity during their time at Harvard. Their lessons on creating a “lifestyle cap” and giving the rest are specifically powerful for young believers who want to use generosity to fight the power of greed.

The couple in their 30s, 40s, or 50s who cannot find space for saving and giving: Satisfied by Jeff Manion

Manion is a devoted pastor and magnificent communicator. His personal testimony and storytelling help make the Biblical principle of contentment feel relatable and relevant in today’s world.

The boomer struggling with how to transfer wealth to the next generation wisely: Splitting Heirs by Ron Blue

Ron Blue is considered one of the great thought leaders in the Biblical Finance movement. All his books are worth your time, but this one is a must-read for anyone considering how to allocate assets in their will or trust.

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