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Financial Freedom

The Bible has a lot to say about money and how to handle it. In fact, there are over 2,000 references to it. In a world of constant change, thankfully God’s word is unchanging. At Family Life Radio, we’re excited to offer insights on handling money through a biblical perspective with John Moore Associates, a respected financial planning company and long-time friend of Family Life Radio. Here you’ll find encouragement and practical information to help you “Experience Financial Freedom” and find true joy and happiness that money can’t buy.


Meet Brian Cochran, John Moore Associates President, Financial Planner, CFP® CKA®

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Biblically Responsible Investing — Reaching for your long-term financial goals without sacrificing your conscience (July 2023)

When considering various investments, acting on fear is never a good idea.

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When considering various investments, acting on fear is never a good idea.

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Keys to Your Financial Freedom

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Key #1 – Spend less than you make

Key #2 – Be prudent about debt

Key #3 – Build Liquidity

Key #4 – Set long-term goals

Key #5 – Act like a manager, not an owner

Key #6 – Give generously

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