A chronic diagnosis, heart attack, loss of income and potential home loss

How one family holds on to hope

Family Life Radio exists to experience the intentional life in Christ, with you, our family of believers. We share stories to inspire, encourage and demonstrate God’s faithfulness as we walk alongside you. We can never walk “in your shoes,” but if we walk the same path long enough, our shoes will begin to resemble yours.

Jesus said to him, “If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes.”

– Mark 9:23 NKJV

Family Life Radio’s very own Network Stewardship Officer, Heather Fisher, bravely shared her own journey with team members one Wednesday morning during staff chapel. Much like the world, shrouded in a longing for hope before the miraculous advent of Jesus, Heather’s family found themselves in dire straits.

Yet, the birth of Christ, a humble event that ignited a hope that has traversed through the ages, resonates through Heather’s story. The manger cradled not just a child, but a promise of eternal hope even in the face of life’s most stormy winters. As she and her family struggled to find out what was causing strange symptoms in her once very active teenage daughter, Olivia, her husband, Dave received news that he was showing symptoms of congestive heart failure.

Because Christ came, you can hold onto hope no matter what comes your way.

You can watch Heather’s story here!

Because Christ came, we can hold onto hope through the overwhelming obstacles in life. We hope Heather’s story inspires you to stand firm and believe the hope of Christ makes all things possible, not just on Christmas but every single day.

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