Discovering Your Sacred Space

Have you ever felt the undeniable presence of God in a place you least expected? Like Jacob, you might find yourself in a moment of awe and realization, discovering that the very spot you stand upon is a sacred space. The story of Jacob’s encounter in Genesis 28:16-17 encourages that every corner of our world has the potential to be an altar to be with the Creator.

And he was afraid and said, “How awesome is this place! This is none other than the house of God, and this is the gate of heaven.”

– Genesis 28:17 ESV

Fear and wonder filled Jacob’s mind when he awoke. How often do you go about your days missing the subtle signs of God’s presence? Just as Jacob was surprised by a heavenly visit in an unexpected place, so too can you discover God’s glory in the ordinary moments of your life.

What would happen if you embraced and noticed more encounters, with others or by yourself, as opportunities that God orchestrated for you? He is the great “I am.” The mountains whisper His majesty, the valleys echo His comfort, and the open fields reflect His limitless grace. Your sacred space might be a park bench where you retreat for quiet reflection, a cozy corner in your home where you pour out your heart in prayer or a daily walk where you converse with Him in the stillness.

Your sacred space is where you commune with God and are in awe of His presence.

Like Jacob, you might find yourself exclaiming, “How awesome is this place!” when you realize that your sacred space is none other than your devoted presence with God. This understanding will transform your perspective, allowing you to walk through life with the assurance that you are constantly in His presence.

A sacred space is a place where you can embrace the truth that God’s presence can transform the ordinary into the extraordinary wherever you are.

Today’s One Thing

Take a moment to seek out your sacred space – a place to quiet your heart and mind and open yourself to God’s presence. It might be as simple as a few moments of silence or a purposeful walk outdoors. Place your distractions aside and focus on giving God the adoration, confession, thankfulness and praises He deserves.

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