God Sees You

You can look to God. He sees you, cares about you and has the answers you need.

“You are the God who sees me,” for she [Hagar] said, “I have now seen the One who sees me.”
– Genesis 16:13 NIV

Hagar found herself in a bit of chaos. Her mistress, Sarai, took matters into her own hands trying desperately to build a family with Abram. After Hagar became pregnant, she was not pleasant to Sarai. Sarai responded by mistreating Hagar, so Hagar ran away.

As Hagar sat near a spring in the desert, an angel of the Lord appeared to her and inquired about her situation. When Hagar told the angel she was running away from her mistress, the angel assured her the Lord had heard of her misery. He told her that her son would be Ishmael. He promised Hagar to increase her descendants too numerous to count. He then instructed her to go back and do as her mistress told her to do.

Hagar responded by naming the place Beer Lahai Roi, meaning “well of the Living One who sees me” (Genesis 16).

Not only did Hagar realize God saw her and responded to her calamity, but she also responded to His care with these words, “I have now seen the One who sees me.” The God of Abram became the God of Hagar.

God pursues you, no matter where you find yourself.

The God of the universe reached out to a desperate, pregnant woman in the desert, showed He cared, and provided for her. Just as God went after Hagar in her lonely, dry desert anguish, He pursues you, no matter where you find yourself. He knows. He cares. He has the answers. And your story matters.

Today’s One Thing
What area of your life do you need to surrender to the God who sees you, the God who cares for you and hears your deepest needs? Will you give to Him whatever concerns you today and do the next thing He has already made clear for you?

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