Malia finds lifesaving hope in Christ thanks to friends like you

Malia was beautiful, but she struggled to know her true worth. While she grew up in a loving home, the compliments she received were rarely more than skin-deep. What people couldn’t see was what she was thinking:

Sometimes it just feels like there’s nothing to hope for anymore. People comment on how I should be a model, but nobody sees the real me inside…

Her life started spiraling out of control as she searched desperately for love, only to find heartache. She explains:

“I had just gotten out of a semi-abusive relationship and was devastated. I ended up in the hospital on numerous occasions. I was going down the wrong road.”

Then, Malia started listening to Family Life Radio. She heard about God’s love for her, thanks to friends like you. She shares:

“Ever since I have been listening to this station, things have completely turned around. My life has changed. I’m happier now!”

Just 18 years old, Malia has so much to look forward to in life. She now knows her identity is rooted in Christ – and the hope you helped share with her made such an impact that she wants to share it with others:

“I have faith in things that I never believed in before, and I just wish I could help somebody in the ways that I have been helped.”

Malia is thankful for how friends like you have given her hope for the future:

“I want to simply say thank you. It’s literally because of people like you that I’m alive!”

Thank you for making miraculous stories like Malia’s possible through your generosity! You’re filling many hurting hearts with the hope of Christ through positive music and messages that speak life into people’s lives at just the right moment.

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