You shine the light of Christ into the darkest moments

God is for us even in our darkest moments—and what a blessing His loving presence can be during those difficult times. Through your support, these listeners have experienced deep and lasting hope that helps them navigate the storms of life:

“Family Life Radio has been there for me through the darkest times of my life with depression after my husband lost his job. I praise God for everything He has brought me and our family through.” — Tonya

“I buried my only child just one week ago, and [then I] turned on Family Life Radio. I have listened to it ever since, especially on the way to work. The message of hope the songs give me is what I need to get through the day.” — Dawn

“I am a mother of 3 and a teacher of 27 fourth-grade students. Life can be quite busy and stressful. But when my teenagers and I listen to Family Life Radio on the way to school, we feel encouraged, focused and hopeful. We know God is with us!” — Autumn

It’s because of you that more lives are filling with the light of Christ, so thank you for the eternal impact you’re making on these listeners – and so many more — through your partnership.

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