Tree Climbing: Adventurous or Dangerous?

With the kids out of school for the summer, we’ve got some help. There are some things your kids can do that doesn’t include a lot of supervision on your part. They can entertain themselves!  Since it’s summer, a lot of them include cooling off like running through the sprinklers, water balloons and the Slip N Slide.

Here’s one on the list that I used to do as a kid in the 70’s and 80’s that I don’t know if kids would be allowed to do now unsupervised, it’tree climbing. I will say there was one time I remember falling, hitting my head and next thing I knew my parents were looking down at me!


Teen Toil

Not as many teens are working as they used to. Teens learn important lessons in their summer jobs. Kids who work get better grades. They learn team work, problem solving and a good work ethic.



I used to work at a car dealership. That was one of my favorite summer jobs because I got to gas up the cool cars like Mustangs.  I was a lifeguard for a while. I worked in a Chinese food department of a grocery store. That didn’t last very long. I kept eating the food. One listener says she buttered toast at a local restaurant.


Victory in the Details

God is good. He has a good plan. He helps us through the details that can be frustrating. Like when my wife Becky and I went to the house we just closed on to work on some things. We are going to paint. That is when we discovered the air conditioner didn’t work. We live in Arizona! That is where the headquarters for Family Life Radio is located. We checked on the home warranty to see if it would cover it. No, it is not covered. That is because it is zoned.  It’s all going to work out. God will help us have victory through it.



Work In Progress

I would love to get better at being romantic. I’m haphazard at it. I mean well. I’m trying to do the right thing. Here’s what I mean, we just closed on our house. We go over to the house. My wife Becky has been nervous in the process, is this the right house? Am I really going to like it? I don’t know the neighbors.

Becky loves everything space related,. She’d call herself a space geek. She likes NASA, the stars, all that stuff. We went out on the back patio at night to check out the stars. It got really dark. It was amazing. She says “You know what? I think I’m going to be happy here.” My response was “happiness is a choice.” My poor wife.




Grandma’s House is the Best!

Please pray for Family Life Radio member Heather’s little 5 year old Chance. He’s not feeling well. You know he’s not feeling well, when he has to leave grandma’s house early.

Grandma’s house is the best! I loved being at my ga ma’s house. It’s like Disney, the happiest place on earth. Not all grandma’s are the same. A lot of grandma’s are hospitable, fun and “lovey dovey”, that was my mom’s mother. Grandma’s house is the place for what your tummy is in the mood for. I would tell my grandma I was hungry and she’d bring out the sweet treats. She had ice cream, cookies and candy bars!


Peace is Possible!

We don’t have to have all the answers. We can’t figure it out on our own. Our goal is not to be care-free but worry free. We can have a worry-free life when we give our cares to God. We are free from the burden of worry. He gives us peace.

Abraham is an example of faith. God told him to sacrifice his son. Abraham slept that night. In our humanity, that probably seems inconceivable but when we know God well enough, we know we can give Him everything. That kind of faith comes from spending time with Him. We can trust Him. Fully rely on God.



Mercy Extended

I’m thankful to God for extending mercy through people. I was in a big box home improvement store. A friends got me a gift card because we are getting ready to move into our house.  I knocked over a flower pot and it broke into several pieces. I was trying to clean it up. The store employee said it was ok. I offered to pay for it. They said don’t worry about it.

Not only that, but something similar happened recently when my son dropped his ice cream. The restaurant gave him some more and didn’t charge us! It’s ok now, wow!

Good Plans for You

God has good plans for you. For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11

Family Life Radio member Brenda says there is power in prayer. She was discouraged when she called the Internal Revenue Service. She was hoping to cut the monthly bill down, but she owed $12,000. Her friend suggested she pray before she call the IRS back, she did. What happened? God directed a pardon of her financial debt just like Christ pardoned our spiritual debt, our sin!



Remedies for a Sunburn

One of the Christian artists we play here on Family Life Radio, Brandon Heath is suffering a sunburn. He got it in Gainsville, Florida (in Gator Territory). It’s the worst he’s ever had. He is very red,  and has chills and headaches. He’s thankful it’s not blistering. He’s happy this is radio because he feels like he looks appalling. I’m thankful I’ve never had one that bad.

What are your remedies? He’s heard about using butter, vinegar, and even shaving cream. I offered the suggestion of Crisco and Saran Wrap. I don’t know when he plans on trying that one.


Psychology of Social Media

Want to improve your self-image? Get off social media! One listener feels some of her friends use it to compensate for their insecurities. They post all the good stuff. They post about new toys and vacations. That friend wants people to like what they posted and their feelings of self-worth are wrapped up in whether someone likes their post. If someone likes their post, they feel good about themselves. As if this is a new way of “keeping up with the Jones'”.



It also has a psychological component for the friend scrolling through their feed. The reaction could be one of comparison and therefore feeling less than.

That’s why we find our identity in who we are in Christ!