All in the Family

Family Life Radio member Trina’s daughter decided to accept Jesus into her heart at age 7.  She wanted to be saved. They talked about it one night at dinner. Her parents were so happy for her. They were proud. Their son was 5. He said he didn’t want to be the only one not going to Heaven. The next day was Sunday, so he went and talked with the pastor and he was saved as well.



For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16

More Than We Can Ask

This couple knew they needed two new tires, but spent time away from work serving others anyway. They were down to one paycheck as it was.  Since they drove the church van to kids church and spent the week with the kids, their car was in the church parking lot. They came home to find out, a fellow parishioner had bought them two new tires. Not only that, but the quality of the tires was much more durable than they would’ve bought. God’s blessings are so much more than we could ask for. To this day, the giver remains anonymous!




Pray for Peace

Sometimes it is hard to figure out whether God wants us to pray and act or if we are supposed to leave it up to others because getting involved would mean interfering. When I am not sure, I talk with God about the situation. I also pray for peace. His word can be used as life’s instruction manual, that is why I pray for peace.

“And let the peace (soul harmony which comes) from Christ rule (act as umpire continually) in your hearts…” Col 3:15 (AMPC)

When we are in God’s will, we will have a sense of peace.   That will help us realize when we’ve chosen God’s best for the situation.







Your “Go To”

When we’ve got a problem, we should go to God first. Friends are great, but are they listening to God? They are human. I know I don’t always listen to God.

Do you remember the telephone game? The goal is to start out with a message and pass it along to your friend and they pass it along by whispering in their ear and at the end of the chain, the last person is supposed to share the message to find out if the correct message got through. The idea behind it is to show us how easily the message can become distorted. It reveals how gossip is spread. Let’s cut out the middle man, our friend, and go directly to God with our problem.


God’s Economy

You can’t out give God. The more you give to God, the more you get back. That includes, time (missions), talent and treasure (tithe and offering).  This Family Life Radio listener is praising God for allowing her goals to be accomplished. She’s thankful for God’s answer to prayer.  She prayed to have a little bit left over at the end of each pay check. She got a $4,000 increase in salary last year!  Last year was the most she and her husband had ever given in their lives. She’s found when she helps others, others are right there to help her when she needs it!


Brag on God

Family Life Radio Listener V ‘s garage door stopped working. She and her husband did not know how they were going to afford the repair. They called around and found out the cost of the repair was going to be $1100. She wanted to find out what she could get for her “junk jewelry”. She had been collecting it for 20 years. Come to find out “junk jewelry” has some value. It covered the repair! She knows it was God’s provision. She thought it was remarkable that the cost was the exact same amount they received for the cashing in the jewelry.



Hands Off

God teaches us and by sharing about it, we can learn from each other. When we let go of the perceived control we think we have over our lives and give it to God, it can be freeing. Whatever circumstances take place, give it to God. It makes no difference whether it is good or bad. If it is good, praise God. Thank Him for the blessings. When your going through a trial, ask God to guide you as to how you are to handle that situation. That way we are not getting in His way. In essence, we need to get out of His way.


The Miracle Business is Open

It’s time to brag on God. You read about miracles in the bible, but God is still in the miracle business today. One Family Life Radio listener says she is living proof.  God restored her marriage. She and her husband are celebrating 10 years of marriage after being on the brink of divorce a couple years back. God healed them. He turns hearts. God carries us through difficult times. God loves us. God is rooting for us. He is our cheerleader. God answers prayers. It does not matter what we are going through, He helps us become a new person. Miracles happen every day. Don’t stop believing!


God’s Got This

God doesn’t expect us to work things out on our own. Even though we know that, it can be difficult to fully surrender it to Him. We need to put it in His hands. God has not left you. Just because you give it to God, doesn’t mean you don’t care. Although we don’t know when we’ll see the answer to our prayer, often times, when we finally do truly give it to Him, He releases the breakthrough. Giving the problem fully to God is acknowledging God can do a better job of fixing it than we can. He’s a lot smarter!


Your Teen is Dating!

How do you deal with your kids dating someone you don’t appreciate? My wife, Becky and I don’t know. We haven’t experienced this yet. Fortunately, Family Life Radio listener Darlene has “been there, done that, got the T-shirt” and has some pearls of wisdom. She knows at first, she and her husband looked like Mr. & Mrs. Judgmental.  She decided to give it up to God. I included these boys and girls in all the family activities. They were included in picnics, reunions, going to church, etc. What she found was, half the time, the boy or girl they didn’t appreciate “dumped” the family.