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“Your problem, Werner, is you still believe your life is yours.” ~ Anthony Doerr

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Has it ever occurred to you that nothing occurs to God?

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It used to be that you’d get a job, work 30 years, & get a nice retirement.  Retiring nowadays is a bit different, more gradual, & financial planner Marc Freedman says there’s one group in particular that needs to face reality.


If you are over the age of 50 but under the age of 75.  If you’re a homeowner and you plan to spend in retirement somewhere between $4,000 and $9,000 per month.  And you have a total net worth between half-a-million and $2 million, you are dead-center of who this book is written for.  I call you the “Mass Affluent Baby Boomer.”  There’s 22.5 million of you in America.

And Freedman says he also believes you are being oversold & underserved in today’s market.  It’s one of the big reasons he wrote Retiring for the Genius.

Make It Happen

Dennis Hutchinson —  March 30, 2016

How many times a day does somebody ask you “How you doin’?”  Or more importantly, how often do you ask it and really want to know the answer?  In Make It Happen, author Lara Casey issues the challenge to get past the superficial.


When we are living on purpose, it does make us stand out & makes people wonder ‘What makes them tick. Where’s that joy coming from? Where’s that hope coming from?’  That’s what we want. We want other people to be attracted to that, and then to find that joy and that hope too.

We call that being intentional, and Lara says that, as much as anything, can help you find significance where you are.

Most parents want the best for their kids, but sometimes our culture can sweep us up into its priorities.  Author Marybeth Hicks says there’s one thing we need to make sure takes precedence.


We think that we’re doing the best by our kids if we can get them into better schools or we can give them opportunities for enrichment.  We get a little bit consumed with trappings of what looks to be a really great life for our kids, instead we don’t spend enough time on their moral development. Their character.  It’s amazing to me that when you ask somebody “Tell me about your kids”, they really tell you about their accomplishments and not about their character.  I want to know that we as parents are so focused that we know what they need in their character.

Hicks says just like there were for us, there will be awkward times for our kids, but there are ways to help them.  More in her book Teachable Moments.